Posted by: thedianestory | September 11, 2009

Fingerprint Friday

Each week Pampering Beki hosts Fingerprint Friday. This is based off the song “Fingerprints of God” by Steven Curtis Chapman. For the full details, click here.

I haven’t been able to get around to do much photography these past couple of weeks so I found a pic from over the summer that I totally see God’s fingerprints on.

My mom with Brooklyn and Isabella

My mom with Brooklyn and Isabella

Because of my medical condition, I am unable to have children of my own. And now because my husband left, adopting is out of the picture. All this to say, my best friend’s children are like grandkids to my mom. These two girls are my bestie Sarah’s two youngest daughters. My mom is such an awesome “nana” and you can see God’s fingerprints all over her and the lives she invests in.

Thank you Jesus for giving my mom a heart for kids. Thank you also for letting her share in the lives of my friend’s children.

Thank you friends for sharing your families with us. We are so grateful and we love you all!



  1. What beautiful children and how wonderful that your mom can be like a grandma to them! I can just see the love in the photo. ♥♥♥ Happy Fingerprint Friday!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. I love those girls with all my heart!

  2. This is one of the best fingerprints from God.
    Love..the more we give, the more we get.
    Beautiful pictures and it shows how the love is flowing.
    Happy Fingerprint Friday.

  3. Poignant thoughts for one who also never was able to bear children. Thank you.

  4. love the photo! I’m sure you’re an awesome “auntie” too!. and there are adoption agencies that accept single adults so don’t give up. the agency we used accepts single adults.

  5. Yes, honey. This is truly your mama’s gift! Loving those babies and kids.
    So glad you posted this one. The pic is great!

    BTW, did you find a way to clear up, brighten/enlarge the print on our blogs or did they do this without us? It looks so much clearer and easier to read now. I noticed it on mine and clicked over to see yours. Same on yours, too!

    Love you honey! Hope you are still feeling better today.

  6. They did it themselves. Yeah for wordpress. lol

    Thanks for commenting. I’ve missed your comments recently. 🙂

    And I love you too.

  7. I can see the love your Mom has for these kids! Even though they might not be from the same bloodlines, they are just as much a piece of her heart. You are blessed to have such a loving mom, and she is blessed with a wonderful daughter who can see this gift she has 🙂

    • Thanks so much Brenda. I pretty much have the most amazing mom ever. The love she has for the children in her life is amazing.

  8. What a sweet photo 🙂
    My 29 yr. old sister still puts giftwrap bows on her head for a laugh, like what one of the girls here is doing… gave me a chuckle when I saw that 🙂

    • That is too funny…20 yrs. old and still acting like a five year old. hee hee. It’s okay, I am a child at heart too. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. That’s so sweet! What a great relationship.

  10. It goes way back with my cuz Linda…she was doing this with my kids [her cousins ] 35 years ago !! She’s always been a little mother and loved kids all her life. Shes a beautiful person inside and out.We’re all blessed to have Linda in our lives. [She’s got a sweetheart of a daughter too!!] lol love you both…big cuz

    • Awe. Thanks so much Diana. My mom is pretty special to me. You are special to us as well. I am so proud of you for reading my blog and commenting so much! Love you.

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