Posted by: thedianestory | September 14, 2009

On Leadership

I have really been missing using my brain for more conceptual things. I miss going to school. I miss teaching Youth Group and Sunday School. I miss having intelligent conversations on topics with meaning. For this reason, I reviewed some thoughts I wrote on a paper and revised them and wrote a short paper on leadership. I’d love to dialogue with you readers and see what your thoughts on leadership are! So, comment me please and I will write back.

Leadership Thoughts

    There are many traits, characteristics and qualities that make up a good leader. The following thoughts are the things I have come to believe about leadership.

     I believe that a person must have certain traits to be a good leader. A good leader is self-confident. If you are not self-confident, then you do not believe in yourself. And if you do not believe in yourself, then you cannot believe in and inspire others. A good leader must be a person with a fairly high energy level. This is because if you are leading effectively you are going to be pretty busy with tasks. A good leader must be able to handle stress. In leadership, stressful situations are often encountered. Therefore good leaders will be able to deal with that stress.

            I believe leaders must be transformational. Good leaders will “seek to inspire persons to high achievement.” They will motivate those they are leading to achieve great things and to be successful. Transformational leaders also work to make changes to the mission and structure of the organization they work for. Good leaders will always be able to see how some changes made can improve the work being accomplished.

            I am a true believer that a good leader earns to right to lead and to be heard. They earn the respect they are given. A good leader has not just had leadership handed to them. They have proved they can work hard, are effective in what they do and they have earned the right to be heard. A good leader will be seen with others following them. I believe that good leaders are good administrators and managers. A good leader will be able to manage people and programs and administrate the many things going on around them.

            Another trait that a good leader has is compassion. A leader with no heart is no leader at all. Good leaders will take into account what is going on in the lives of the people around them. Whether it be persons you are leading, or those you are leading alongside of, everyone needs someone to encourage them; not judge them for circumstances in their lives.

            A good leader takes responsibility for the tasks he/she is leading. They must be a good communicator and make sure that proper communication is accomplished with all parties involved in a project. A good leader will make sure that an effective chain of command is in place to ensure that communication is established. When a problem arises they will immediately take action to rectify the situation.

            Finally, I believe a good leader is a good encourager. When you have people working for you, especially in volunteer positions it is important to encourage those people. Simple words of affirmation will go a long way to motivate a person. With proper encouragement and motivation more tasks may get accomplished and more successful operations can be completed to benefit whatever organization a person is leading within.



  1. I agree, but I think Morals, and commonality make a good leader also, to follow someone you should be able to feel like you have something in common with them, so that you can feel like you can aspire to what they have become, if they are just some great person who you feel no relation to, then why would you try and be like them if you have no starting ground

    • Thanks for your thoughts Carley. Those are two good things I didn’t think of adding. Actually, the morals thing has been on my mind a TON, and I plan to write a whole post on it, which is probably why I didn’t mention it within this leadership post. Though, when I revise my leadership post again, I will touch on Morals too. I don’t think you have to have commonality to be a good leader, but that people you are leading will probably have something in common with you because you are probably in a leadership position with them because of that common base already. For example, when I was leading youth staff, we had common ground already because we all had a heart for working with teenagers.
      Great thoughts Carley. Thanks so much!

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