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For What it’s Worth

Because this was my most popular post this year, I’m sharing again. It is still as relevant today as it was then. I’d love for everyone to take a moment and think about their interactions with everyone. Hope you have a great end to 2014. Thanks for staying with me.

The Diane Story

February 21, 2014

It is not often that I will blog post in direct relation to something that has effected me, but for some reason I feel like it’s worth writing some thoughts. While being vague, let me just say that people should really take a step back and think about how their actions might effect others.

I do my best not to allow my illness to become an excuse or copout for me in life. The reality is though – sometimes my illness IS the reason I may not be running 100%. I may miss a meeting, miss a deadline on paperwork or not feel up to a phone call that someone else sees as a top priority.

It is not that I don’t care, or think others should cater to me “just because.” But when members of an organization (people who I thought I counted among my friends)…

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Posted by: thedianestory | November 23, 2014

A Smile Goes a Long Way

November 23, 2014

Last night I was at Walmart and was feeling very sad and emotional, with a tear-stained face. Moments before I learned of the passing of a pre-mature baby; a son of one of my closest friends. I was trying to process the news that I would never meet this precious little one. As I looked up to head down a new aisle another lady in the store caught my eye. She deliberately made eye contact with me and smiled. That was it, and on we both went. My heart felt a bit lighter if only for a split second.

That moment reminded me just how much a simple smile can mean to someone. We never know where that person has been, what journey they are walking and what a simple kind gesture could do for them. It reminded me how we all could make the world a better place if we could look up from our phones once in awhile, take a genuine interest in people, truly connect with people, make eye contact for a change, and smile.

Will you all make an effort to find one person to smile at this week? Or more if you feel up to the challenge. I’d love to hear how a simple smile might brighten your day! Now go…smile away! 😃

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Work Time

October 14, 2014

Recently I started messaging my dad throughout the work day. Sending him selfies of me “working so hard!” I really am working hard – I’m out at my leasing appointments showing properties. But I will shoot a selfie while waiting. Now it’s our joke about how rough a job I have…like this one captioned “just chilling in the woods”:


Or yesterday’s “take two,” which is when I bug him with my second pic of the day:


It’s a rough life – but somebody’s got to love it. 🙂

Posted by: thedianestory | October 8, 2014

Brightness from Brazil!

October 8, 2014


My mom’s childhood friend is a missionary in Brazil. Naturally she is now my friend, too! She happens to be in the states for a few weeks, and mom and I got to go see her on Sunday!


She is such a dear friend. A constant prayer partner. Someone I love and respect, probably more than she knows. Fellowshipping with her and mom on Sunday was like water to refresh my soul.

It made me realize just how much I miss having a church family/small group to “do life” with. Those people who share your faith and with whom the Spirit of The Lord radiates through. I loved feeling that on Sunday during our time visiting.

I love you, Ramona. So blessed to have you part of my life.

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Oh blogger, Where Art Thou?

July 16, 2014

I haven’t meant to drop off the face of the planet…or blogosphere for that matter. But life hit the auto-pilot button, I’ve tried to just keep swimming and my blog got abandoned. I’m working on changing that…daily I’ve made notes for important blog topics. The subjects are screaming to get out of my head and into posts…so stay tuned. The Diane Story will be back soon!!!


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What I Wore Wednesday

May 7, 2014

For the last few years, every time I saw a “What I Wore Wednesday” post on several blogs, I’ve wanted to do a post on the same topic. However not working, and being sick and in bed, it just didn’t really fit my lifestyle…I mean, I wasn’t going to post me in yoga pants and a baggy shirt. 😉

But now that I’m working I have outfit pics to share! It seriously has been part of the fun of working again – actually getting dressed up and pulling accessories together for the outfit!

So without further ado, I give you my “first official day” outfit:


I love this dress because it’s purple, super comfy, yet still adorbs (yes, I so totally just said that)! I wore a fun, chunky purple necklace with it, and a petite beaded teal bracelet. I got several compliments on my dress.

Well, my plan was to post more outfit pics, but I’m falling asleep and work in the morning, so I’ve got to post this. Leave me some love and I will post more later!

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Did you know?

May 4, 2014


Hello blog land! I have really not written much this year, which makes me sad. I hope to improve upon that. But since I’ve been quiet on here, lots has happened in my life. So here is my biggest news!

How is my health:

Not a lot of change. Pelvic pain continues, but mostly manageable with meds. My stomach problems continue with no real answers, however with proper diet and a regimen of medications I’ve gotten to a fairly stable place with it all. This isn’t to say that really bad days still don’t happen, but slowly I’ve managed to do a little more. That being said, I’ve taken a step of faith in another aspect of my life…

A few weeks back while I was on a field trip with my Girl Scout Troop (I lead a Brownie troop) I felt a nudging by the Holy Spirit, a still small voice, whisper to me that perhaps I could try working a few hours somewhere. Maybe I could try to do something that would give me some “normalcy” to my 31 year old life! I decided I’d pray about where I felt I was being led. That was a Sunday.

Fast forward to Thursday of the same week and about 9pm that evening I got a random FB message from my old boss asking me if I wanted to work part time. I got the details from her and told her I’d get back to her.

I needed to check with SSI first before I worked, as I couldn’t risk losing my disability award after fighting for three years to receive it. After meeting with a disability worker, I found out the parameters are set up to protect people like me trying to get back to work. So I indeed could try to work again without it affecting my disability status.

So I told my former boss I’d love the job. She is working for a different company now than with whom I previously was employed. So I needed to interview with the owner (my boss is the GM) as he had final say over hiring. An interview was set up the following Tuesday.
Well the interview went so well. In fact, it felt like the owner and I knew each other for years. He was super kind, and while he didn’t (and couldn’t legally) want to ask too personal of questions, my former boss had let him know about my disability and health challenges and he really wanted to understand a bit more about it. Anyway, I’m an open book and we conversed a bit about my life. Well, he was SO supportive. And decided to hire me on the spot. To top it all off, he told me that my job is flexible and he is more than okay with me calling in sick if I have a bad day. Or he told me if I came into work and got in too much pain after a couple of hours, that he didn’t want me “pushing through” and to just go home. We could pick up the stuff the next day. He said to me “reality is, you’re going to have to call in sick sometimes. I’m hiring you knowing you are ill. And that’s just fine. You are coming here highly recommended. And we are going to support you!”

I literally couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This job could not be more perfect. I’m working as a leasing agent for a property management company. I’m working afternoons (mornings are my worst times) and I will usually work the 3rd-15th of each month; Which is SO perfect as at the end of those two weeks, I will be tired and run down from working every day, but then I have two weeks to rest back up.

I started last week, working two days to train and learn the office a bit. The job is super similar to what I’d been doing before I went out on disability in 2009, so it’s mostly just learning this office’s way of doing things.
My first day at work, the owner and his wife bought me a card and big potted plant welcoming me to the team. I love the job so far and have made it through both days I worked without too much pain, and surprisingly I didn’t even come right home and crash. My energy level has been good.

Please pray for lower pain levels, higher energy levels and that sleep would come to me easily. I struggle to fall asleep, which isn’t good on work nights! I haven’t worked since 2009, so please just pray that my body can do this. It is so good for me – mentally and physically. And other ways too. I’m SO happy to be where I’m at. God is so good.

Thank you to my blog followers, friends and family who have supported me through very dark days. Here’s hoping for brighter ones ahead. I will keep you all posted.


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Try Me

April 17, 2014

I think most people who know me would say I’m a pretty easy going person. I love people and will bend over backwards to help those people out. But because of this, too many times I’ve been used, slapped in the face and walked all over. And today…I’m done!

I’m done pretending it’s okay to treat me poorly. I’m done getting your leftovers. And I’m done being so low on your priority list that I get no respect. It’s taken too many years of my life to realize that I am worth it. That I have value. And that I’m good enough.

So if you can’t be kind. If I can’t take up any of your precious time, and if being my friend isn’t valuable or important to you…there’s the door!

I’m off to new adventures – to getting my life back, one tiny baby step at a time. And I’m not looking back, and certainly not taking any negatives with me. So, if you can’t be a positive light in my life, then I will see you on the other side. It’s time to do ME for awhile.

The Determined One

P.S. A separate post will follow about the awesome supporters I DO have in my circle of love and friendship.

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Vanilla Cream Soda, Anyone?


While in San Diego my brother surprised me and when he came back to our hotel room from the store, he showed me he had picked up a special drink for me. I don’t drink alcohol because of my stomach problems, so when we are having special times together it is nice to celebrate with something out of the ordinary. I know this might seem lame or simple to most people, but living with chronic illness, it’s the little things in life that need to be shared and celebrated.
Thanks for the treat brother of mine! They were delicious.

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San Diego Zoo

March 24, 2014

Going to the San Diego Zoo has been on my bucket list for several years now. I went to this zoo when I was two years old but don’t remember it. But because of that trip, I grew up with a book of the San Diego Zoo and read it all the time as a kid. So I have always wanted to visit.


I am in San Diego hanging out with my brother while he is here on Navy Reserve Duty and we decided this year on the weekend to visit the zoo. Our mom and his wife, Elika were here for the weekend too, so we all got to spend the day together. We were amazed at the size of the place. We were literally there all day – from open until close.



There was so much to see. We got to take a guided bus tour, where we sat on the top deck and got sunburned. 😉 It was worth it though. We also got to ride the sky tram where you rode in the bucket up on wire and glided across the top of the zoo. I hadn’t ridden anything like that since I was a little kid and Disneyland still had them, so I thought I might have freaked out, but I didn’t.


We got to see Koalas! I have never seen one in person before, and they are so cute. Plus Koalas very seldom move. They generally stay in one place for hours and sleep. But as we were watching and taking pics, one of them got up and walked across its bar to another tree. It was awesome! I’m so glad we were there in perfect time to see it!


Another favorite for me were the Pandas. They are absolutely amazing to see. We got to see male and female, but missed seeing their baby because they had just weaned it so its alone for a few weeks and the dad got to come back out. Apparently he had been back in seclusion while the baby was nursing because only mom and baby can be together during that time. Anyway I could have sat and watched the Pandas for a whole hour!



The experience at the San Diego Zoo was amazing. I am so happy I got to go see these amazing animals and mark one thing off my bucket list. Have you been to this zoo, or have another favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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