Posted by: thedianestory | August 4, 2015

It’s August!

Happy August! Seriously though, how in the world is it August already? Summer has flown by and I can hardly believe that soon we will be ushering in the Fall season. But before we race too far ahead, let me tell you the highlight of my summer! That would have to be visiting my brother, his wife, and my most precious nephew!

I’m currently flying home after spending two weeks in Michigan with them. Getting a good stent of concentrated time with my nephew, Dray, was awesome. I did what any good aunty does…spoiled him rotten. 😄 But also took my share of nightly feedings, nap time readings, and solid food feedings and all that good stuff. I loved the precious moments with Dray and enjoyed letting his mama get some extra sleep while I was visiting. My mom was out on the trip with me, so of course grandma got her special time too and took her share of nighttime routines as well. (Truth is, we secretly enjoyed the extra snuggles in the night, when the house is quiet.)


All of us adults enjoyed playing rousing games of Hand and Foot, Canasta, and Dutch Blitz each evening after the baby went down for his sleep. We can never get enough of games and often sacrifice hours of sleep each night to play “just one more hand!”

Life is good! I had a blast, and can’t wait until we are back together again.



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