Posted by: thedianestory | January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

January 2, 2015

As I step into 2015 and reflect on last year, I find myself with much joy and hear myself telling others “2014 was literally the best year I’ve had in six years.” And it really was. The end of 2008, brought the heartache of my marriage ending literally in the blink of an eye, with no warning. 2009 was met with being put off on disability for my ongoing illness, which would turn into complete medical disability. It was also met with further health challenges and nearly a month long stay in multiple hospitals, fighting for my life, followed by two more short term stints in the hospital. 2010 continued to be a battle for answers to my health issues and more hospitalizations. 2011 was rung in with my endometriosis flaring and me finding a new doctor, whom I hoped would free me from my years of pain. A very thorough surgery led to significant findings of what was flaring my pain, but unfortunately not a complete answer or cure. 2012-2013 were what I like to call my “maintaining years” as I just floated from one doctor appointment to the next, trying to manage my symptoms since they couldn’t really find answers to fix me. I spent much of those years in bed, literally doing nothing but resting for the most part. But by the beginning of 2014 I finally felt a strength that I hadn’t felt in some time.

It was on a field trip with my girls from the Girl Scout troop I lead that I felt the Lord speak to my heart, that perhaps I may be able to work a few hours somewhere. Four days later I was offered the most amazing job for a company who was more than content to work with me, despite my illness. So at the end of April 2014 I started working 20-30 hours a month. It has been the best thing for my soul. It has given me purpose, interactions with people and a reason to fight just a little harder than I may otherwise. Sure there are still days that I just can’t push through because the pain is too much, or I am just way too exhausted to function for a day and need some extra rest. But working again has brought new joy to my soul and I am so grateful.

Life is not free of its challenges and my health is still not wonderful. I most likely will not ever be able to come off disability and return to full time work. I am still in immense amounts of pain most days, my stomach has flared something awful and I am 100% sure my endometriosis has grown back with a vengeance. The next two months are filled with doctor appointments and I am going to have fight hard to function through my current symptoms…but for the first time in several years, I can feel joy again.

The best gift of all for 2014 arrived on December 23, at 9:42pm when my beautiful, precious, amazing nephew was born:



Danny Raymond Fisher III (known as Dray)

I became a biological aunty for the first time, and my heart is so full. He is my precious gem – the Jewel of My Heart. The first time he looked up at me was like looking straight into my soul. There are no words for the love that I feel.

So with that monumental ending to 2014, how can I not be ready for 2015? I am praying for health, peace and continued joy. I can hardly wait to see where life leads.

Thanks for sticking with me here at The Diane Story – It’s my goal to put passion and focus back into this blog, and my writing in general for that matter. And maybe just maybe, I will make progress on that goal of mine to publish a book! Stay tuned….



  1. Hi Beautiful! I love love that long hair you’ve been growing!!
    Thank you for sharing pictures of Sweet Dray – Congratulations friend. I know you’ve been looking forward to this for a long time 🙂
    Being an Auntie fits you quite well!

    Loving you,

  2. Analene! So glad you popped in and left me some love. Been meaning to shoot ya an email to share the news. I still will, and will send some more pics! Love you, sis.

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