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Did you know?

May 4, 2014


Hello blog land! I have really not written much this year, which makes me sad. I hope to improve upon that. But since I’ve been quiet on here, lots has happened in my life. So here is my biggest news!

How is my health:

Not a lot of change. Pelvic pain continues, but mostly manageable with meds. My stomach problems continue with no real answers, however with proper diet and a regimen of medications I’ve gotten to a fairly stable place with it all. This isn’t to say that really bad days still don’t happen, but slowly I’ve managed to do a little more. That being said, I’ve taken a step of faith in another aspect of my life…

A few weeks back while I was on a field trip with my Girl Scout Troop (I lead a Brownie troop) I felt a nudging by the Holy Spirit, a still small voice, whisper to me that perhaps I could try working a few hours somewhere. Maybe I could try to do something that would give me some “normalcy” to my 31 year old life! I decided I’d pray about where I felt I was being led. That was a Sunday.

Fast forward to Thursday of the same week and about 9pm that evening I got a random FB message from my old boss asking me if I wanted to work part time. I got the details from her and told her I’d get back to her.

I needed to check with SSI first before I worked, as I couldn’t risk losing my disability award after fighting for three years to receive it. After meeting with a disability worker, I found out the parameters are set up to protect people like me trying to get back to work. So I indeed could try to work again without it affecting my disability status.

So I told my former boss I’d love the job. She is working for a different company now than with whom I previously was employed. So I needed to interview with the owner (my boss is the GM) as he had final say over hiring. An interview was set up the following Tuesday.
Well the interview went so well. In fact, it felt like the owner and I knew each other for years. He was super kind, and while he didn’t (and couldn’t legally) want to ask too personal of questions, my former boss had let him know about my disability and health challenges and he really wanted to understand a bit more about it. Anyway, I’m an open book and we conversed a bit about my life. Well, he was SO supportive. And decided to hire me on the spot. To top it all off, he told me that my job is flexible and he is more than okay with me calling in sick if I have a bad day. Or he told me if I came into work and got in too much pain after a couple of hours, that he didn’t want me “pushing through” and to just go home. We could pick up the stuff the next day. He said to me “reality is, you’re going to have to call in sick sometimes. I’m hiring you knowing you are ill. And that’s just fine. You are coming here highly recommended. And we are going to support you!”

I literally couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This job could not be more perfect. I’m working as a leasing agent for a property management company. I’m working afternoons (mornings are my worst times) and I will usually work the 3rd-15th of each month; Which is SO perfect as at the end of those two weeks, I will be tired and run down from working every day, but then I have two weeks to rest back up.

I started last week, working two days to train and learn the office a bit. The job is super similar to what I’d been doing before I went out on disability in 2009, so it’s mostly just learning this office’s way of doing things.
My first day at work, the owner and his wife bought me a card and big potted plant welcoming me to the team. I love the job so far and have made it through both days I worked without too much pain, and surprisingly I didn’t even come right home and crash. My energy level has been good.

Please pray for lower pain levels, higher energy levels and that sleep would come to me easily. I struggle to fall asleep, which isn’t good on work nights! I haven’t worked since 2009, so please just pray that my body can do this. It is so good for me – mentally and physically. And other ways too. I’m SO happy to be where I’m at. God is so good.

Thank you to my blog followers, friends and family who have supported me through very dark days. Here’s hoping for brighter ones ahead. I will keep you all posted.




  1. I am so happy for you that this opportunity opened up for you. I know it is hard to not be able to do much because you have health issues. I pray that this will help you in life and have some interaction with other people.

    Love you lots. Mom

  2. I love that you are able to work! I miss being in lab. I can’t even concentrate enough to do work at home right now, but I’m working on getting back. I’m praying for you that your condition remains stable so you can enjoy life for a while!

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