Posted by: thedianestory | April 18, 2014

Try Me

April 17, 2014

I think most people who know me would say I’m a pretty easy going person. I love people and will bend over backwards to help those people out. But because of this, too many times I’ve been used, slapped in the face and walked all over. And today…I’m done!

I’m done pretending it’s okay to treat me poorly. I’m done getting your leftovers. And I’m done being so low on your priority list that I get no respect. It’s taken too many years of my life to realize that I am worth it. That I have value. And that I’m good enough.

So if you can’t be kind. If I can’t take up any of your precious time, and if being my friend isn’t valuable or important to you…there’s the door!

I’m off to new adventures – to getting my life back, one tiny baby step at a time. And I’m not looking back, and certainly not taking any negatives with me. So, if you can’t be a positive light in my life, then I will see you on the other side. It’s time to do ME for awhile.

The Determined One

P.S. A separate post will follow about the awesome supporters I DO have in my circle of love and friendship.


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