Posted by: thedianestory | September 22, 2013

Girl Scout Goodness


I’ve mentioned once or twice about how I lead a Girl Scout Troop. This year they are Third Grade Brownie Girl Scouts. I started with these girls when they were in Kindergarten (Daisy Girl Scouts) and we’ve welcomed new girls to the troop through the years and some of our original girls have moved on. This week we got to welcome one more new girl to our troop, a friend of another Brownie already part of our Scouting group. This brings us to a total of 11 girls right now.

Being trained as a teacher, and also raised in Girl Scouts myself, leading a troop is right up my repertoire. And since I can’t teach right now because of my illness, this fills that passion that is deep in my soul. I love my girls so much. Some days when I arrive to Scouts I am tired, in pain and struggling to find the energy to lead the girls. But not a single meeting goes by that the girls don’t get me smiling and pull the energy for me from deep within. They make me happy, and teaching them fulfills the desire I have to be teaching elementary school. Being with them just makes me so happy and I feel incredibly blessed to part of their lives. Seeing them having fun, building relationships with each other and being excited about Girl Scouts is worth pushing my body to function every single time.

I LOVE my Brownie Girl Scouts!

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