Posted by: thedianestory | September 1, 2013

So Long…Not Goodbye

August 29, 2013


Where shall I possibly start? I can hardly believe that it’s been around twelve years since we first met. You were a happy, smiling face at church and welcomed me back to my home church with open arms. We were fast friends.
My have we had some adventures together, yes? Piggy back rides at leadership retreat at Bucks Lake, long board meetings, hours of ministry put in together, looking for run away teens, and let us not forget our sewing adventures…you remember the one, where it was “Diane to the rescue” to fix the machine after your power cord mysteriously misplaced itself. 😉

You’ve been a friend through ups and downs. Yes, we’ve had our downs too, where minds didn’t collectively think together and our friendship was almost lost. But God showed us both his forgiveness and grace, and knew better than to let us part ways forever. I’m grateful for your friendship.

You’ve consistently let me know you care, even if sometimes life got away from us and we didn’t communicate much. I have always known you were a phone call away and you’ve always met me with encouraging words and love. Thank you dear friend, for many great years. I will miss you much. But we won’t say goodbye, we will say “So long, until next time,” as one day we will meet again.

I love you Sara, and wish you many blessings on your new Texas adventure. Skype will be a must, along with texts and calls. I love you to the moon and back – and will think of you often.

So long for now, my friend, until we meet again. I LOVE YOU!




  1. What a beautiful letter! Sara is very lucky to have you as a friend! I know I have been truly blessed in the amount of time I have known you! One day we will find a way to meet so I can hug your neck in person 🙂

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