Posted by: thedianestory | August 2, 2013

Birthdays in Heaven – Remembering Grandpa Fisher

August 2, 2013

Dear Grandpa Fisher,

Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandpa. I can only imagine that your day has been fun. Birthdays spent at the feet of Jesus have to be sweet. But I wish you were still here, and I could sing you a song. Or we could sing together, like everyone at church always loved.

You have been on my heart all week. I’ve been thinking of how to honor you and remember you. Last night I had Thrifty Ice Cream…your favorite. They didn’t have Black Walnut so I settled for Cookies-n-Cream. It was okay…but would have been sweeter shared with you.

I wish your gravesite were closer to me, so I could sit and tell you my thoughts. But since it is not I visited the next best thing, for me to feel you near…so I went and visited your parents’ grave. I cleaned it up, brushing off the dirt and pulling surrounding weeds and put flowers in their appropriate stands. I felt you near. I trust God let you hear my heart and believe you are smiling down upon me as I cling tight to the memories I want kept alive.


Happy Birthday in Heaven, Grandpa. I love you and will work hard to carry on your legacy. How I wish I could have one more hug and kiss from you!

And one more thing….can you say hello to my other grandpa and grandma for me? Thanks so much. And remember how much I LOVE YOU!



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