Posted by: thedianestory | July 17, 2013

Traditions of Sort

July 17, 2013


Last week I had an appointment in the Bay Area again, this time to deal with my pelvic pain (endometriosis). To break up the routine of boring travel, my mom and I have come up with traditions. For example we always take a pic at rest stops:


I just realized my mom is wearing the same shirt in both of our rest stop photos and they were taken one week apart. It’s not for a lack of clothes I assure you…she’s a Diva in that regard. 😉

This trip we were also met along the way with a fun surprise…a balloon launch along the 505:



We love Hot Air Balloons, so it was super fun to get to see them. We even came close enough to one of them to see the flame and everything!


We got to my doctor appointment an hour early…only to find out he was running an hour behind. Last month I got there ten minutes late (thank you Bay Area traffic) and he was totally on time and they were calling me on the phone as I walked in. Go figure. So it’s become a tradition of mine to take a Selfie in the room while I wait nervously for my doctor to come in:


The super quick takeaway from this appointment was bad news for me. Nothing I wanted to hear. The words “surgery in your future” were spoken and I left feeling beside myself. Basically if my pain doesn’t calm down with physical therapy then they will have to go in to look around again. I’m not looking forward to it.

Last but not least, we were met with this sign on the elevator:


Ummm…no thank you! We took the stairs.

I have my next appointment on August 14th, and the decision for surgery will likely be made. We are running out of options. I shall keep you all posted.



  1. Pretty funny that I wore the same shirt. It is comfy.
    I hope and pray that things will clam down and not have to have surgery. I wish you could be healthy and live life to its fullest. I wish I could ale it all go away.
    Live you lots Mom

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