Posted by: thedianestory | July 17, 2013

Build-A-Bear Workshop – Girl Scout Style

July 15, 2013

This passed Friday I got to have a girls day with one of my closest friends, Vicki and her seven year old twins, Merri and Roni.


Last year Build-A-Bear workshop came out with a bear for the 100 year anniversary of Girl Scouts and uniforms for them. They were adorable and I couldn’t resist buying the uniforms for the girls and then planned to take them to build their bear for their birthday.
Well, we never got time to go do it, as it requires a day trip because the closest Build-A-Bear Workshop is about ninety miles from home.


So last Friday we finally got to go on our trip and the girls got to build their bear! Since it is a different year now from when I bought the uniforms, they don’t have they 100 year Bear anymore…but when we got there, we discovered they have a Thin Mint Girl Scout Bear! So they both got to choose that bear so they are still Girl Scout Bears! And they turned out so cute.


After we got the girls their bears, we did a little shopping. Vicki and I made the mistake of stepping foot (pun intended) into the Crocs shoe store…we both left with a new pair of shoes.

These are mine. They are like the “jellies” that so many of us grew up wearing. I love the color and they are so comfortable.

The girls wanted to ride the carousel in the mall, so Vicki paid for three of us and let me ride with the girls. I had so much fun. Something about a carousel just takes you back to childhood and wipes your cares away for a few minutes!


It was a great day and we all had so much fun. Thanks for the great adventure Shiger Family! I love you.


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