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My Health Update

July 6, 2013

Hello world! Sorry it’s taken me a few days after my doctors appointment to get an update posted. It is always taxing to travel to my doctors out of town, then update friends and family that are messaging and calling me (but so greatly appreciated) that by the time I’ve been through the update several times I don’t feel like writing it all out right away. But I am finally making it happen. Thank you for your patience!

The test results showed that the pressures in my esophagus are crazy high whenever I swallow to digest food and my esophagus is contracting like 100 times stronger than it should. And then my symptoms that I recorded during the 24 hour test correlate with bile and acid reflux spikes in my body.

So they are starting me on three new meds. Possibly a fourth – but she needs to talk to Dr. Snape (head dr) of GI down at the hospital where I am seen. Then they may need to use Botox injections to get the esophagus to relax – but none of this is a permanent fix…And as goes the story of my life, they say “this is a new one for us” and they need to figure out what to do with me. 😉

My dr was amazing again at my appointment. She gave me a hug and said she was so excited to see me on her schedule again that day because she loves my positivity and I’m a breath of fresh air for her and she loves chatting with me. She spent a good thirty minutes with me again. She walked in with her cup of coffee and was just all smiles.

It’s just so nice to have someone support me, and have an amazing bedside manner for once. Plus we just mesh well together. Also, she told me to take fiber before every meal because my stomach empties pretty rapidly.

The trick to all this is timing these new medicines and my old medicines in how I take them because some of the medicines will inhibit others from absorbing. Therefore I need to have enough time in between them to not counter effect the other. Then some need to be taken with food, others without food, and some just prior to eating. And one of the new medicines I must take four times a day – which just isn’t easy. So I am still in the process of figuring it all out.

Last week’s appointment was moved up from what was originally supposed to be an appointment at the end of the month, as they had a cancellation and got me in sooner to review all the tests I went through last month. So because I got in sooner, we are now able to use my end of the month appointment to follow up on how these medicines are working and decide on what needs to happen next.

I am grateful I have a competent doctor on my side again and also thankful to have wonderful friends closer to my appointment location who have graciously opened their homes to me. Not having the expense of a hotel helps a ton and it is also just nice to use these times to catch up with each other and share some fun times. So thank you Jenn and Bill, and Joanne for your hospitality. It means the world to me!

Thank you friends and family for your concern and support for me. It touches my heart. I will keep updates coming as they happen. Many blessings to each and everyone of you!


The photo is my mom and I enjoying some time at Pier 39 after my appointment. 🙂


  1. Thank you, Diane, for the update, as I had honestly lost track of when your appointments were, since I have been working a lot of extra hours and rarely even get messages checked lately. We are so sorry for all you are going through, and we are glad to hear that you finally have such a nice doctor and that they are figuring things out for you. Please stay strong and know that we love you and are keeping you in our prayers. : )

  2. I was glad I could come with you this time. It was good to meet your dr and then have some fun time before returning home.

  3. What a relief! I am thrilled to see you have what appears to be a SANE doctor for a change! 🙂

  4. I love you and continue to pray.

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