Posted by: thedianestory | June 26, 2013

More Test Results

June 25, 2013

Hi friends. Just a quick post here to update you on more test results I received. My last test I went thru was a HIDA Scan to test for Spincter of Odi dysfunction. That test came back normal. So I now have two out of four test results.

I got word from the hospital today that the last two tests results I’m waiting on (esophageal manometry and 24hr PH Impedance test) will not be posted to my online portal (where I’ve been able to quickly retrieve my other results). Because those tests are for motility testing and done in the GI lab (as opposed to the others done in radiology) those results are only discussed at your appointment with your doctor.

Right now my follow up appointment isn’t until July 29th…which means I wait over a month to figure out what’s next. I wrote my doctor’s office yesterday questioning why I hadn’t received the last of my test results (which is how I found out they won’t get posted online) and also let them know I’m in excruciating pain and feeling worse these last few days. So the nurse wrote back and told me to call the scheduler and ask her to see if there are any cancellations, opening up an appointment slot sooner. I left the scheduler a message today and hopefully will hear back tomorrow. I am praying that I can get in quickly to see to see my doctor so we can keep things moving along and hopefully get my body functioning better.

Thank you friends for your constant support. You are keeping me going!

The picture below is the cuteness currently keeping me smiling at home:



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