Posted by: thedianestory | May 8, 2013

Sunny San Diego – Reflections

May 8, 2013

Last month I was blessed to get to hang out with my brother in San Diego, while he was there for his Navy Reserve Duty.


He was usually off duty by mid-afternoon so this left us the majority of the day to hang out.


Each night we’d hit up a local food establishment for happy hour. Not so much for cheap drinks (I don’t drink alcohol) but for good food at half the price. The first night we ate in La Jolla.


Fish tacos became our food of choice all but one night. So for our second night’s adventure we went to Ocean Beach. Danny had eaten there the week before I flew out for “Taco Tuesday” and said we had to go back because the food was amazing.


Indeed it was. We split the mini taco platter and my brother ordered a full size taco of his favorite one. Seriously the food was so good I wanted to go back the next night (and we didn’t and then regretted that decision).

After dinner we went down to the beach where the waves attacked me. I was trying to take a pic and didn’t see the tide coming higher. So I got soaked up to my knees. But after that I was like “well I’m wet know. Time for fun!” And I proceeded to play in the waves.



On the way back to the car we stopped at an ice cream shop and split a chocolate waffle ice cream sandwich. That’s right – two chocolate waffles with cookies-n-cream ice cream in the middle. “Amazing” doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was SO good.


I wish I could have another right now!

I’ve got lots more pictures and thoughts to blog from the trip and this post is long enough. So look for part two soon!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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