Posted by: thedianestory | April 22, 2013

Health Update

April 22, 2013

I’m currently sitting at GI doctor’s office. My appointment was an hour ago and apparently he isn’t even here. What in the world? I think I should send him a bill for my time. I don’t feel well and really would like to be curled up on my couch resting.

My stomach is killing me as all of my “stomach issues” have been very flared recently. I was convinced that my pancreatitis had reared its ugly head, but lab results say otherwise. That’s a good thing, other than the fact that it doesn’t explain my horrific pain. I ended up in the ER a couple weeks ago as the pain was so intense, and I knew if it was pancreatitis, it needed to be treated immediately.

This pain is draining. I’m not able to eat much and having trouble keeping what I do eat, down. I would like some answers. When I know what this dr says, I will post more. For now, I’m going to keep waiting….70 minutes past my appointment time already.



  1. Thats just not on making you wait like that, I hope you got to see him in the end, and he at least apologised. Sorry you are in pain, I hope it eased xx

    • Thanks. I finally saw him. No apology though. And he’s sending me back out of town to drs who saw whole I was hospitalized back in 2009. I’m so tired of it. Want to be done with it all!

      Thanks for the comment and blog follow!

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