Posted by: thedianestory | March 19, 2013

Shop Kick – An App

March 19, 2013



Have you heard of this app? It is for i-phones and andriods. It is an App that allows you to get points and earn gift cards for simply walking into a store. Target, and many other of my “every day stores” are included in this App, so it is super easy to get points, or rather “kicks”. I don’t have to do anything except turn the app on and walk in. Some other stores it includes are old navy, best buy, american eagle and more. You can earn points others ways too, like by scanning products they have listed, and registering your debit card and earning kicks for purchases, but I so appreciate getting points for just walking into a store I was already going into. I have already collected enough kicks for $5.00 in target gift cards, but plan to wait and cash out for a $25 one. And then I will either splurge on something I wouldn’t purchase otherwise, or use it with coupon deals and watch that $25 gift card pay for lots and lots of items, including more gift cards by purchasing certain items (sounds like a fun challenge to me)!
Oh and you also get coupons and discounts in addition to points!

Over the weekend my mom and I had a great time relaxing about the town and had fun using our shop kick app, scanning every item it would give us kicks for, and walking into stores just for the points (standing in the entrance while the App located us) and then turning around and walking right back out of the store (I’m sure people thought we were crazy) 🙂

The stores on this App that you get points for just walking in, work great for the town where I live as Old Navy and Best Buy are in the same strip Mall, and Target, Walmart, and American Eagle are across the street from that strip mall. And then Costco is just up a few blocks. So, if I have an hour or so free (if I’m wanting to scan items and walk in to every store) I can Shop Kick and earn points – which then turn into free money in my pocket. And you all know how much I love getting FREE stuff! Or, if I don’t have time to use the app to do everything, I can always just open it up when I’m already walking into those stores and get my kicks just for being there!

Click this link to download shopkick on your phone, and get 50 points right away, and I will get some points too!

Let me know if you use my link so I can make sure we both got the points we should get! Have fun. 😉




  1. Yep it was a lot of fun.

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