Posted by: thedianestory | March 7, 2013

Endo From Afar – supporting role

March 7, 2013

I’m hoping to have some guest posts this month about supporting people with Endometriosis. This is the first one and is written by my best friend Sara Stolpp. Thank you bestie, for your love.


This is my best friend’s blog. We have been friends since we were twelve, going on twenty years. She is my oldest most, dearest friend, my sister. She has been there with me through everything. She has been around longer than my husband. Just like God chose my husband for me, so did he choose her to be my best friend. So when she hurts, I hurt and that is what’s most hard about having someone you love so dearly battle with endometriosis & chronic pain.

When my friend was first diagnosed we were in college, 19 years old. More than ten years later I had no idea that she would still be struggling with this medical condition. It has consumed her life. All the dreams she had for her future have had to be put on hold due to this condition & others that cause her chronic pain daily. She has tried everything! She has seen countless doctors & specialists (both local and out of town & state), pain specialists, naturopaths, physical therapists, spiritualists, and her endometriosis keeps coming back even post-hysterectomy. But has she lost the faith, no! Has the devil tried to take her hope, yes. But he will not win, he will not defeat my friend, because she is a warrior, a fighter & she has the best father, the best friend, the best husband a woman could ever need, the Lord!

Most days I too feel hopeless, defeated & sad when I think of what my friend has to battle daily. Her lot in life, her cross is not easy to bare, but I know that God has a plan. He doesn’t give us more than we can handle with his help so he must think she is pretty incredible & so do I! I know she has been a great support to others struggling with endometriosis & chronic pain. I have faith that even though her life is difficult & not what she imagined it would be, that God is working in it for her good & for the benefit of his kingdom here on earth.

To those beginning their journey of battling endometriosis, I pray yours is a shorter road than my friend’s, but know there is hope in the Lord! Know that he is there for you! Know that when all others fail to give you the comfort that you need, his arms are open wide. I pray that you will take his hand & have faith that he will walk you through this hard time as he has with my friend.

To those who are part of the support team of a person battling reoccurring endometriosis &/or chronic pain, pray daily for your friend. Strengthen your relationship with your Lord so that you can be your friend’s rock. Speak truth into their lives when they feel hopeless. Remind them that when you may not have the answers or the comfort they are seeking, that you are only human, but God is the creator, the healer & he is always there.

I thank God every day for my best friend. I pray for his will in her life. I pray that that might include a miraculous healing of her body & a renewal of her spirit. I pray the same thing for all those battling beside her & I pray for a cure!



  1. That was unbelievably beautiful. Holding on to your faith is so important when dealing with a chronic illness and having such an amazing friend is such a blessing!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am so blessed to have such an amazing best friend in my life. 😉

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