Posted by: thedianestory | March 1, 2013

Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness 2013

Endo Awareness!

Endo Awareness!

March 1, 2013

Today kicks off Endometriosis Awareness Month! It is Yellow Shirt Day! This is last years pic. This years pic will be posted soon. Please wear yellow today and throughout the month to show your support for Endometriosis. I’d love to receive pictures too. Text, FB or e-mail them to me.

My friend Jamee and I have worked together to find sponsors for give-aways for this month on her blog “A New Kind of Normal“. We have amazing sponsors, so please visit her blog and check out our links to their shops, and if you can, help support their business. The give-aways we will be doing are hopefully going to other women who suffer from Endo. If that’s you, make sure to follow her blog where we will be posting them. I will do my best to post each day there is a give-away and link to her blog so you can click through easily.

For the blogging schedule for Endometriosis 2013, along with links to our Facebook and Twitter Events, click here. Also included in that post are some brief facts about Endometriosis. Take a look; you might learn a thing or two. 🙂

I look forward to connecting with you this month!



  1. I’m wearing yellow today that u picked out.
    Love ya. Feel better.

    • Thanks mom! Hoping we can make dinner tonight. 🙂

  2. Edometriosis doesn’t only affect the person with the disease. It affects their friends and family. You never stop being a parent, but there are some things you just can’t do as a parent…like go to the drug store and buy a pill that will instantly cure this horrible disease. You can’t stop the continual pain your child has been suffering for so many years.

    So, as a parent, what can you do…obviously worry, cry and try to understand why it continues with your child. But the best thing you can do, you guessed it…Pray.

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