Posted by: thedianestory | February 7, 2013

Amongst Heartbreak

February 7, 2013

I’m laying here in bed reeling in grief and sadness. Last night came with shocking news that a dear family friend suddenly went to be with Jesus. I was shocked and confused and didn’t understand how this could possibly be happening.

I had to break the news to my mom as the information unfolded and it seemed as though time stood still. We were at dinner when we got the heartbreaking announcement. All we wanted to do was to get out of the restaurant as quickly as possible and go be with the family.

See these friends have been family for many, many years. The lady who passed has been one of my mom’s best friend’s through the years. She’s been in our lives since I was five years old. I grew up with her children. We shared life together. We went to church together forever.

As life goes, in recent times there was some separation between visits for reasons unimportant to these details. But when tragedy strikes, it makes you think long and hard, and deep within your soul about if you “did enough” to be a good friend and to never give up on that friendship that is oh so valuable.

The crazy thing (or just one of them) is that she has been on our hearts for weeks now. We kept saying we were going to pick up the phone and check in. And now we can’t. And that hurts.

These friends are family. My mom and her shared so much through the years. One time they even got kicked out of a restaurant for being too noisy because they were laughing so hard having such a grand time. You could always count on a good time when you got her and my mom and a few more good friends in the mix. These are the memories we make count. These are the ones we hold dear.

My heart breaks for her husband. How do you cope with your spouse suddenly gone, in an instant. My soul is screaming for my friends – her children – who just had their mom ripped away from them. I am sad and laying in bed with eyes welled with tears and I can only imagine how they are all feeling. My heart aches for them. I love their family deeply.

It’s sobering to see friends my age lose a parent. It’s just so wrong. I can’t imagine losing my mom (or dad) right now and it makes you deeply realize how short life is and to not take any moment for granted.

What we do know is that yesterday, our dear friend/mom/wife went to be with Jesus. We know this because of her personal testimony of relationship to Christ Jesus. And because of this, and God’s faithful promises, we know that we will one day see our beloved friend/mom/wife again. She’s in heaven now – rejoicing with the angels. She’s free of pain and sorrow and sitting at the feet of Jesus.

To this precious family I want to say, that I love you all. I feel deeply for you. And I miss her and will never, ever forget the special person she was. My prayers are for you all right now and in the days ahead.

If you share our faith in Christ Jesus, please remember this family in your prayers. Thank you.



  1. I am so sorry for your loss! The family of your deceased friend is in my thoughts and prayers today. I love you! {{{{{HUGSSSSS}}}}}}

    • Thank you

  2. I’m sorry Diane.

    • Thank you sis. 😉

  3. Praise God that she was a woman of faith. You, your mom & her loved ones will be in my prayers. I hope you don’t beat yourself up too much over what might have been if your friendship hadn’t grown apart. Good friends can go years without talking & pick things up as if it were yesterday. Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them!

    • Thank you for that bestie. So true. So very true.

  4. Well as my daughter put it we have so many good memories. We used to go to ladies retreat with two other ladies and us. We were known as the ( trouble makers), to which we hadn’t really done anything. So to live up to the name we would play pranks in the years to come to live up to our (name). Lol!

    I am glad to know that we will See her again in heaven one day happy and rejoicing with Jesus.
    Praise God for his promises to all of us.

    Take time to be with your family/friends and follow what your heart tells you to do.

    My prayers go out to all the family as they go through this time.


    • Love you mom. So much.

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