Posted by: thedianestory | January 11, 2013

Reflections from Christmas 2012


Every year it seems Christmas looks like something different for me. I’m amazed at how different each holiday season has felt from year to year. Growing up I always envisioned having a family by now. I was sure at this age in life I would have at least two kids running around and we would have extended family gatherings where memories would be made. I thought my brother would be married with a kid or two as well and that we would strive to have our kids know their cousins and forge close relationships. But that is far from the case right now, so Christmas’ come and go each year with a different feel each time.

This year my mom and I traveled to my brother’s in Michigan. His wife’s family (parents and three brothers, plus her sis-in-law) came too. We all stayed at their house. The Lord has blessed them with a large enough space to have that many people sleep under one roof, and split up in groups, we all had our own rooms/space.

We all were there two weeks or so. We blended traditions of Elika’s family and my family. The Stroman’s always did gifts and Christmas Dinner Christmas Eve. So Elika and her mom made Swedish Meatballs and Green Bean Casserole for Christmas Eve dinner.


We all went to Christmas Eve service at the church Danny and Elika attend and then came home and had the amazing dinner. Church ended by candlelight.



Then on Christmas Day my mom made her traditional turkey dinner.


We opened some presents Christmas Eve and some Christmas Day. It was a full house, but I enjoy a holiday with lots of family.

How was your holiday? What did you do to celebrate? Tell me in my comment section below!



  1. We spent the holiday moving! But we managed to hold on to some traditions and make good memories in the process. I tried to keep some decorations handy when packing and when we got to the new place, I put out some Christmas linens and made a simple wreath for the front door. We put up a small pre-lit artificial tree and scattered it with a few decorations and some of the ribbon left over from the wreath. It was so cheerful to have it there as we unpacked. Christmas Eve services are always a big part of our tradition – Pat was at church for most of the 3 services, to make sure things ran smoothly. The congregation got to worship in our soon-to-be-completed new sanctuary and even though there was no carpet on the floor yet and we were sitting on chairs instead of pews, it was wonderful to see the potential of what the room will finally be like. Everyone loved it. It was kind if like our new house!Pat & I sang with the choir for the last service. After everyone left and the last door was locked and the last light turned out, it was 8:30 PM and we were famished. So we went to a new Chinese restaurant, for us, in our new neighborhood, that happened to be open and serving that late on Christmas Eve and had a wonderful dinner. The next morning, I made my traditional quiche for breakfast. Over the New Years weekend, some friends we’ve known since college came to help us move the last of our stuff out of the old place and we had a great time with them. As you know, after New Years we went to Chico to celebrate Christmas a little late with our children and their families – six grand children all in the same place! What a blessing! The only sad thing during the whole Christmas season was losing Libby, our dog of 16 years…So, yes, I agree that Christmas isn’t always what you expect – but it always has wonderful surprises – isn’t that what Christmas is all about? And the birth of Jesus is always at the center and God is always faithful.

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