Posted by: thedianestory | December 30, 2012

Getting to Michigan – More of the Story

So upon landing in SF, I immediately went to customer service as my next flight was delayed eight hours, which would in turn, make me miss my connecting flight. That leg of my trip wasn’t even necessary to get to my final destination, as it was to D.C. and I needed to get to Chicago and then to Lansing.

There happened to be a flight to Chicago leaving right then, so they quickly changed my flight and got me on that plane into Chicago. This put me into Chicago at about 6am, and my flight into Lansing didn’t leave until almost 3pm. This meant an eight hour layover. I planned to see if there was an earlier flight into Lansing once I arrived in Chicago.

The leg from S.F. to Chicago was uneventful and actually really pleasant. The plane was practically brand new, which for a germaphobe like myself, lessened my anxiety in flying a wee bit. They even had new, packaged blankets on nearly every seat. Anyway, so I got on the flight to Chicago and landed around 6am. I checked for earlier flights into Lansing, but there weren’t any. So I had major time to kill. Thanks to my brother’s forward thinking, I had a simple and nice solution to that dilemma.

And that story will be told in my next post!



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