Posted by: thedianestory | December 30, 2012

Chicago Lay-Over

I arrived in Chicago about 6am. It had already been a long night and I was tired. A long eight hour layover was not sounding fun to me. I got off my plane and headed to the monitors to see if there was an earlier flight to Lansing. There was not. So I decide to use my handy dandy United Lounge Pass that my brother gave me and spend the day in the lounge.

It was awesome. They had drinks and snacks. Because I was there so long I got breakfast snacks and lunch snacks.


They offered free wifi, which was perfect since I had my laptop. I perused the web and watched some shows on Netflix.


I tucked myself away in a corner all day and even closed my eyes for a bit.



After awhile I was feeling nappy from traveling all day so I went to the ladies room to freshen up a bit. Brushed my teeth, did my hair, put some makeup on and felt like a human again. 🙂


I sipped a fresh coke and kicked back until I needed to head back out to the terminals for my flight. A couple hours went by and it was time to head for my flight.

I got to my terminal and waited. A few minutes into waiting the United Reps came across the loud speaker “flight to Lansing has been delayed. The plane broke on the way here.”

I was so frustrated at this point. I was tired and just wanted to get to my destination. They ended up moving our departure to another gate and got a new plane in. We left almost two hours late, but finally we boarded the plane and took off for Lansing.

The flight was smooth and my brother met me in Lansing to pick me up. I was exhausted by the time he got me from the airport, but we managed to stop for ice cream at the MSU Dairy and go to the store. We also got some food at Culvers (cause I hadn’t eaten much in 24hours) and finally arrived to his home.

Upon finally arriving to my brother’s home, I took a shower, watched some tv with my brother and then finally headed to bed. My head hit the pillow and I was out cold. I slept through the night and got up the next morning and went to work with my sis.

What an eventful time getting to Michigan, Eh? So that’s my journey in getting to Michigan. What an adventure!



  1. Last time I was in O’Hare last summer (flying to Montreal) I had to spend the night. I was not comped a hotel or given food vouchers and I’m too cheap to pay for expensive airport food. Eating a box of granola bars and sleeping on the floor…not my idea of fun. Sounds like you handled it a lot more calmly and with a lot more grace than I did 😀

    • Annie, thanks for the comment. I’d say the Christmas spirit helped me stay positive a bit. I’d have gone crazy if I didn’t have the lounge pass. That’s about the only reason I was able to stay so calm.
      My mom flew out five days later and had an even crazier time. She ended up stuck over night in Chicago. I hate flying at this time of year! Always trouble.

  2. Good thing you had the lounge pass for sure! I haven’t had problems flying around the holidays, but that’s because I’ve only flown to warm areas like SoCal and Arizona, no weather problems in those places usually! Now Michigan is a completely different story! Glad you’re having a great time. 🙂

    • Count yourself lucky! But I’m glad to be here!

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