Posted by: thedianestory | December 18, 2012

Greetings from Michigan

December 18, 2012

Wow. What a couple of days it has been. I think I’d have to declare this trip as the most crazy traveling experience I’ve incurred to this date. I have traveled across the country numerous times, but never has it taken me nearly thirty hours to get to my destination….that can really be just a five hour flight.

I started my journey Sunday evening, the 16th from my hometown, where I was to then fly to San Francisco. As I was packing Sunday evening I was watching the weather and realizing that fog was starting to role in. “Perfect,” I thought. “Better check on my flight.” Two hours delayed. I called the airline, to see if I should still head to the airport or just go late. They tell me that I needed to still be at the airport as they could change the departure time on a moments notice. So I quickly load the car and head to my local airport.

I get checked in and at this point, the flight is still delayed. “Can I just go home for awhile?” I asked. They told me they “don’t advise it.” I ignored their warning and went back home to grab a few more things I wanted to take for my trip. I didn’t stay home long though, because I tend to be a stress case, and while I was constantly checking on my flight, via the app on my phone, I didn’t feel comfortable not being at the airport, just in case they suddenly decided to board the flight and take off earlier than the delayed time.

So back to the airport I went. Still delayed. About an hour later we finally boarded the plane and cruised down the runway to take off. Except we then got to the end of the runway where we sat. For twenty minutes. And then the captain came across the loud speaker “San Francisco has delayed our departure an hour and twenty minutes. We will turn around and let you off the plane for forty minutes. Back to the airport we went.

We deplaned and I got on my airline app again to check the rest of my flights. Only to find that my flight out of SF to Washington Dulles had been delayed…Eight hours. This would then make me miss my connecting flight from Dulles to Chicago. ” No Problem,” I thought. I will just call my dad and have him pick me up in DC until I can get a flight out. Would that work? I got in line at the ticket counter to speak with an agent. Only to be the next up to the counter, when they announce it’s time to re-board the plane to SF. So I decide to just deal with the craziness when I get to SF.

We boarded the plane, got to the end of the runway….and sat. Finally this time, after ten minutes we were able to take off. We arrived in SF a bit after ten pm. And the craziness ensued.

Story to be continued on my next post. For now I am off to get some caffeine. Must. Stay. Awake!



  1. That is crazy! Crazy, but not surprising these days. :-/ How was your flight from Chico? Did they put you in a dinky little plane? If so, how did it handle the weather? Let me know how you’re doing with the time change!

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