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Local Traditions

December 7, 2012

In recent years my mom and I have strived to not only carry on traditions from when my family was still a complete family (prior to divorce) but to make new traditions to carry with us and create happy memories.

One of those we started last year was to attend our local Christmas Tree Lighting at our local City Plaza. We only started attending last year (I think this year was our city’s 37th year) because December is COLD!! And mom and I don’t like cold!

But last year we had a toddler living in our house, and we wanted to help he and his mommy create traditions and happy memories, so we attended the tree lighting. So this year it was only appropriate to go again and make it a new tradition…for however many years we have left living in this town.


This year we invited our friends who are here from Brazil to attend with us. We met them down at the city plaza. When we got there, there were SO many people that I said to my mom “I don’t know why we thought we’d be able to find them amongst this crowd.” No sooner had I spoke those words and they walked right up to us! (I will add a photo of them later, as I don’t have it on my phone).

This year worked a bit different because Santa showed up late to light the tree…so we were there almost an hour before we got to see the tree light up. We were getting quite antsy, but soon the countdown started “10,9,8,7,6 ,5,4,3,2……..1!


And it was lit.

We ended up seeing the toddler (now 4) and his mommy and daddy at the tree lighting as well. They are making it tradition too.

So it was a fun night. Happy for fun traditions. After the tree was lit I kept trying to get a pic of me and mom with the tree lit up behind us…and not having any luck. Then a perfect stranger noticed and ran up and asked if I’d like her to take the pic!


I love the Christmas Spirit. It makes the world a nicer place and reminds people to offer kindness to others – to extend beyond ourselves and help someone else. During these busy holidays I encourage you to offer kindness to someone. What can you do to bless another person? It could be as simple as offering to snap a picture, like was done for me tonight. It brought a smile to my face.

I’d love to hear about your traditions, and about your kindness that you’ve extended to others, or how you’ve been offered kindness by someone else. Tell me about it in my comments below.

Merry Christmas friends! 18 days and counting. 🙂



  1. Enjoyed your post, honey.
    What a beautiful tree! I didn’t realize it was tonight. I am out of touch with the world around me, a bit too much I think.
    You two look beautiful, as always.
    Oh, and btw…I “saved” the butterfly header and played around with picasa this eve. Made a header showing God’s love through the stages of life. I love it! But…sigh! The “saved” header is now in gibberish. It let me save my header efforts, but not the butterfly!
    I hope you still have it on your computer, and perhaps you can go into my blogsite and save it into the saved headers? Not sure if it has to be on mine or not. Stop by and check out my efforts, okay?
    Love you!

    • I don’t think I can save a header without making it a header again. Does that make sense? But I can email you the butterfly pic so you can load it again when you want it. I will check it out. 😉

      • That would be so wonderful, sweetie!
        I am really sorry I lost it. sigh! I think you said something about that to me at the time, but since it showed in my downloads, I thought it was saved.
        Love you!

  2. Thanks for blogging about our night. It was so much fun. I hope we can continue to make it each year!

    Merrry Christmas!

  3. You make me smile. 🙂 I love reading your blog.

    • Thanks Virgil!

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