Posted by: thedianestory | October 8, 2012

Girl Scouts

October 8, 2012

Amazingly enough, there is an entire part of my life that I have yet to write about on this blog. I am really not sure how I’ve managed never to post about the fact that I lead a Girl Scout troop, but somehow this topic has escaped my posts. So now is the time. I am going into my third year of leading a Girl Scout troop. The girls were in Daisies for two years (grades K-1) and we just recently bridged to Brownies (grades 2-3).

I grew up in Girl Scouts from Kindergarten-12 grade. The levels were Daisies (grade K), Brownies (grades 1-3), Juniors (grades 4-6), Cadettes (grades 7-8) and Seniors (grades 9-12). So much has changed in the Girl Scout program but the Motto and purpose is the same. Girl Scouts – Where Girls Grow Strong, with a purpose to empower girls to shoot for the stars and become confident leaders for the future.

The current Girl Scout Program includes six different levels now with the break up of ages looking a bit different. Daisy Girl Scouts is now a two year program, instead of one. It encompasses grades Kindergarten and First. Following it is Brownie Girl Scouts; grades 2-3. Then Juniors; grades 4-5, followed by Cadettes for grades 6-8. Ninth and Tenth grade girls enter Senior Girl Scouts and grades 11-12 become Girl Scout Ambassadors.

Having grown up a Girl Scout my entire life, this is an organization that I believe in more than words can describe. The values and leadership skills, along with the self-confidence I learned and gained through the Girl Scout Program have very much shaped the person I am today. The experiences I had in Girl Scouts have proved invaluable to my life today. I could share countless moments in my life where I have been complimented on my knowledge, skill, or attitude where my response has been “I learned it through Girl Scouts.” I am beyond grateful for the Girl Scout organization.

I have quite a few different things to share on this topic so this will be post one. I will do my best to continue on with more posts about Scouts this week. For now, I hope you all have a great start to your week and I look forward to hearing from you in my comment section.



  1. Diane: I was a Brownie and Girl Scout too back in the dark ages when there were only two groups. I enjoyed the day camps and fun stuff that we made. It’s very generous of you to donate your time to the girls.

    • Thanks for commenting Eileen. My girls bring me so much joy. 🙂

  2. Glad you are sharing this positive part of your life with the world! Love meeting you & making memories in girl scouts with you! Most of my oldest friends I met in girl scouts.

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