Posted by: thedianestory | October 4, 2012

Welcoming Evan to the Family

September 21, 2012


I am proud to introduce my new second cousin, Evan Liam. 5lbs 9oz, 19 inches long.

The afternoon of September 10, 2012 my family welcomed a new baby into the family. The proud parents are my cousin Rachel and her husband, Jason. I am beyond happy for them.

My cousin Rachel has been an example of a strong woman, who has overcome much adversity in her life to get to where she is now – finally getting the blessing of a baby in her life. She is the oldest of my cousins yet one of the last to be blessed with a child. I am so glad God had favor on her.

Rachel was beyond sensitive to me throughout her pregnancy, knowing that with my inability to conceive children, it can sometimes be a struggle for me emotionally to be around others who are pregnant or talking about families and life with children. She handled her pregnancy announcement with much concern for me and was quick to make sure I was okay. We made a deal for a certain form of communicating if talking about the pregnancy/baby/family was just too much for me at a certain time.

She has been great in sharing this special moment with me. I’m working on taking a trip out there to spend some time with her and the new baby! Congrats cousin of mine. I’m SO happy for you.



  1. Diane, thank you for such a sweet post & for honoring Evan with this announcement! You have always not only been a cousin, but a dear friend & I pray that God will enrich your life as you also continue to serve Him! Love you cousin!

    • Awe. You are so welcome. Thank you for your love. You are a dear friend who I get to claim as family too! Love you more than you know.

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