Posted by: thedianestory | September 18, 2012


September 19, 2012


I came across this jar of ashes in some cleaning I was doing. They are so very special to me. These are campfire ashes from 1997 when I spent the summer living with my Aunt and her family in Iowa.

That summer holds some of my best memories. I got to get to know my cousins who lived so far away. My cousin Beth and I had written letters back and forth for years and forged a great friendship. So it was amazing when I finally got to spend extended time with her. And Rachel, my oldest cousin, was already married and on her own by then, but she took the time to hang out and get to know me too. Then there is David, my third Iowan cousin. He is the middle child of these three. He was in college at the time, but still living at home. He treated me just like a little sister – which of course came with a good deal of torture. Lol but man could he make me laugh. We had simply the best time. He took me fishing and made me bait my own hook (yuck – I don’t like slimy things) as well as take the fish off after catching it (catch and release). I had the best time.

There you have it. Finding these ashes just made me want to post a quick memory blog.

Love you Aunt Judy, Uncle Dean, Rachel, David and Beth.


Last photo is of me and Rachel, taken in 2009.


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