Posted by: thedianestory | July 30, 2012

Craft Olympics – Part One

My friend Shelley started this crafting idea amongst her friends to work on any kind of project we wanted to complete during the Olympics. The idea is finishing a task and achieving a final result. Not unlike the athletes are doing in their sport during the Olympics.


I’ve been really ill so I didn’t get started on time but tonight I did the starting touches of my project. I’m finally getting around to sewing a new liner for my sunglasses basket I keep on my piano by the front door. It’s where I keep all of my glasses (I’m sunglass obsessed) so I can grab them on my way out. Anyway I bought the basket almost two years ago at Ross and it has a black liner and says “Trick or Treat” on one side. It’s always been my plan to sew covers for each season/ holiday. And have never gotten it done. So tonight I worked on tracing a pattern and cut the first piece of fabric.

Shown above is my starting pieces. After taking the current liner out of the basket to make a pattern I’ve found that it is a bit more in depth than I realized. I’m not totally sure I know exactly how to piece and sew it all together. The bright side is that my grandma will be here in two weeks and I know she will help me if I get stuck.

Stay tuned for pictures of my work in progress!



  1. Awesome, Diane!

    It is also very cool that grandma will be here soon and knows what to do. You two may share a project and you can learn something from her. What a memory to look forward to making. Even if you get this one done on your own. You can always make another with her. 🙂
    I am so glad you are participating. Thanks, sweetie! ❤

    • With my health I was sure I was going to make it happen but I did. 🙂

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