Posted by: thedianestory | July 29, 2012

From Childhood


A family friend posted this photo to FB this week. This is my brother and I when I was about four and he about seven years old. This is one of my earliest memories that has stuck with me through the years.

The friend who posted this, Joe, is actually the one who took the picture and who took my brother and I on the trip. He and his, then wife, were going to the snow and asked my parents if they could take us. They hadn’t yet had children (I think she was pregnant with their first) so we kinda became their practice kids. 🙂

Anyway it’s a fun memory and was such a welcome pick-me-up this week when he posted it. (I’ve been ill with some sort of summertime bug).

I love you Joe! Thanks for the memory from so long ago. I’m very blessed to have you in my life!

To my brother, Danny – Do you remember this? Love you.



  1. Yep. They were practicing with you two. I think she had just found out she was pregnant. I know all of you had fun.
    I’m glad we are still friends with joe and kathy and Jannette and her husband and of coarse both of the kids.

  2. I thought I had commented on this one, then realized my comments are on fb.
    I enjoyed this little blast from the past.
    You kids were always so cute!
    It is good to have friends who keep your little picture on their fridge all these years later.
    No matter how abandoned you can feel, or how much things make you feel like you haven’t many friends, you can always remember this. You are on two people’s fridge. You know you’ve been on mine forever, right? And in my wallet? … well, when I had a wallet. hehe! Now you are in with my family pics.
    Love ya, hunny!

    • Love you too. And no I didn’t know u kept me on your fridge. Very fun. Thanks!

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