Posted by: thedianestory | July 28, 2012

Coupon Class


A few weeks back I was on a Facebook group made up of local ladies who are trying to save money for their families. Some women already coupon shop and some were wanting to learn. I mentioned on a random comment that my friends had asked me to teach a class on couponing and that they would be welcome to come.

One thing led to another and before I knew it an official event had been made on Facebook and the class was scheduled. 60 women signed up to attend, and as typical RSVP’s go, about two thirds (37 official count) showed up to learn the ways of couponing. I was nervous until my class started and then once I started talking I just went on a roll and rocked it. The women were super appreciative and everyone said they learned a ton.

There were several other ladies who missed it for one reason or another so they want me to schedule another soon. It feels good to teach, and find some purpose in life. I had a blast. A local restaurant allowed us to use their patio and made a special buffet dinner for everyone for an inexpensive price.

Thanks to all who came. It was great meeting you all!




  1. Is that Tortilla Flats? Sure looks like it! Great job on the class! You should charge $5 a class to help pay for your couponing and buffets 🙂 They will save way more than that when couponing! Have fun with it!

    • Yep it sure is. Too funny you commented cause I was telling mom one of the only times I’d eaten there was with you!

      Yes for now on I am going to charge a flat rate. Some women did give me money at the end because I’d made handouts and everything. 🙂

      Love ya

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