Posted by: thedianestory | June 28, 2012

Race Nights


I love going to our local dirt racing track and watching the sprint car races. I love it because it is my time to kick back and have fun with my mom. We create lasting memories together.

The photo above is from the memorial race for David, the night before his service/celebration of life. We were sporting the shirts made in memory of him.

I’m grateful to have known him and the lessons he left all of us with – one being how important family is.

Love you mom!




  1. This is a very good reminder to love the ones we still have with us with everything in us, and to do our best to let the small things go. To try to not become offended or be an offense. Sometimes it those little things in daily life that add up the most, and we want no regrets.

    I know this with Myke being so ill, too. Take the times we have and just be there. But, when the daily grind of it all is grinding on, going long, it is easy to just put things off or to be overly sensitive. Teri as caregiver is so tired. So when I hear something that sounds like she is not happy, I go back to her and say, this is what this sounds like to me, did you mean it that way? It helps us to stay close and be respectful while hard seasons go long.

    You know how that is, with all you two have been through and go through.
    The little small things can add up to either a big blowout or a big warm fuzzy.
    You and your mom have been through so much. Hold on to each other fiercely and keep taking those opportunities to enjoy your lives, no matter what anyone thinks.
    I love you, kiddo!

    • Thanks. All good stuff there. I love you too. And thanks for always being there for both mom and I and never judging us despite the circumstances.

      You mean so much to the both of us.

      • Dude! You two are always their for us, through thick and thin. How could we not all love each other? We are all messes, but we clean up good.

  2. Perhaps, as big a purpose as his young life had, an even bigger purpose was in his early death.
    To help those who knew him, and those who know them to get their priorities in line and to love one another while we still have each other.
    And tomorrow, I will be up early enough to call my mom at a respectable time and let her chatter my ear off! She is so cute, even on the phone.
    Hugs and kisses to both of you, hunny!

    • Do it. I’m always so sad for my mom not having her mommy around still. I can’t imagine.

  3. Thx honey. I enjoy going there with you too. We have fun and get kettle corn and Hawaiian ice. Yum!

  4. I love spending time with you too! I did this with my parents and now you get to share it with me.

    Love you, mom

    • Love u too. Love our race nights. Something I will cherish both now and forever.

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