Posted by: thedianestory | March 28, 2012

My Second Blanket


About two years ago I made my dad a Chargers blanket. It was my first blanket I ever sewed and I lined it making it double thick. It was over 2.5 yards long so it was a pretty large undertaking. I was so proud of my accomplishment and wanted to make more blankets and do more projects after having his blanket turn out so well.

But shortly thereafter my sewing machine started acting up and I became so frustrated with it I was discouraged from doing much. It was a fairly inexpensive machine so I didn’t want to have it serviced because I’d rather put that money into a new machine.

Then a few months back my mom bought me a new sewing machine. It sat in a box until three weeks ago when I finally found time and felt up to sewing again.


Anyway so upon sending the Chargers blanket to my dad, his wife, Jeanne fell in love with it. She couldn’t believe I had made it (in a nice way) and instantly asked if I could make one in the print of her favorite team – the Redskins. I agreed I would make her one but then ran into an issue of finding the fabric. You see, I live on the wrong side of the country for our craft store to carry the material. I could have ordered it special I’m sure but I didn’t need a whole bolt of it! So instead I just kept looking every time I was in a fabric store.

Finally in January I was up in Redding and decided to pop into their Joanne’s and see if they happened to have Redskins fleece. To my shock and amazement they did! They didn’t have quite as much as I used for my dad’s Chargers blanket but I just bought everything they had. Then I bought a color-coordinating fleece material for the back side. And about one month later set in to work on the blanket. I’d already missed the Christmas deadline and Jeanne’s birthday isn’t until May so I decided she would just get the blanket as a “just because I love you” gift.

As I got started trimming the fabric and pinning it together for its first stitches I texted Jeanne this pic:


As she had no idea I had finally found the fabric. I had told her I was hoping to get the blanket to her by the end of that week, but silly me totally forgot how many hours I invest in these blankets. So instead she got it about three weeks later.


Using my new machine for this blanket was amazing. It purred like a kitten! I also learned how to use this blanket stitch to sew the edging on which made it look SO nice!


I also did something different on the corners and used ironed out edging cut into triangles to reinforce the corners and give it a really cool eye appeal.


From start to finish the blanket took me almost fifteen hours! That’s right folks – 15 hours! This why crafters have to charge some “spendy” prices for handcrafted original items. Fabric isn’t cheap and by the time you add in your precious laboring hours – our work is worth the money. Besides – isn’t it more fun to have a more original item than an over produced item most likely made in a sweat shop somewhere overseas and that several people can have the same item of?

Anyway, this is my project to my sweet Jeanne. I hope you are enjoying your special blanket! (My dad texted me a pic of her curled up with it, but I don’t think she’d appreciate me sharing it with the world wide web). So instead I will leave you with a pic of my cat initiating it. Yes Jeanne, Onyx snuggled in it before you (just as he did with dad’s)!


And finally here is what the package looked like to ship the blanket across the country:


Are you interested in ordering a custom blanket? Leave me a comment and I will contact you directly. 🙂



  1. Very well done Di! Love the corner finishing!

    • Thx Sara. It was originally done to cover up a mistake but then I loved it so I made everything match!

  2. You did a great job!

  3. Mmmm…. Cozy! Awesome work, my friend!

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