Posted by: thedianestory | March 27, 2012

On Sickness

March 26, 2012

I had all these grand plans to keep up with the blog carnival for Endometriosis this month and then some. I was hoping to really write several posts on the effects of endo not only on my life but of those it affects around me. But the reality is I am too sick to accomplish any of that right now.

I’m in pain and nauseated everyday right now. My endometriosis has flared beyond bad and I feel awful. On top of that I’m fighting bronchitis right now and I think the antibiotic I am on is making feel even sicker. I’m allergic to practically every drug there is so sometimes when I have to be on antibiotics I just have to trade one evil for another.

I’ve got lots of decisions going on in my life – trying to figure out disability and insurance and money and all that which only adds to my stress of not feeling well. I need to take care of mounds of paperwork which require phone calls and meetings and I’m not up to any of it. I had to cancel one meeting today which could have helped reduce one item off my plate but instead that just gets pushed further into the week until I can hopefully feel up to leaving the house and taking care of a few things.

Life is hard. I’m in pain and feel awful. Just being real. Prayers appreciated.



  1. Prayers. You got ’em. Feel better soon, my friend.

  2. Hi, Diana, how are you? My name is Caroline Salazar and I’m from Brazil. I found your blog on the website of Endometriosis UK. I am also suffering from endometriosis, very pleased. As in my country, the disease is quite unknown to the population as a journalist I decided to create a blog to help the millions of Brazilians who also have the disease. Only in Brazil, we are 10 to 15 million women with endometriosis. I also suffer with the disease. Despite not having been infertile, my endometriosis almost killed me. Have had the surgery once, juho 2010, and I have do to another surgery soon. Despite my be considered mild, I have pain 24 hours a day, for my part of the muscle is weakened. My great consequence was the dyspreunia, pain during intercourse. To relieve my pain and help the women of my country, I created the blog A Endometriose e Eu (The Endometriosis and I). I really want to invite you to participate in the blog. I write very nice articles about how the disease works in our body. Example: our stool are different from a woman without the disease, urine, and also to our menstrual blood is different because it is sick too. The blog has articles about my treatment, international researchs,and many others posts. It is a very informative blog and it is accessible worldwide, after he was quoted in a Brazilian soap opera large audience, the station’s most famous in my country. I also help women to looking for a good specialists, which has little in my country. I want to exchange knowledge with you, because you live in a first world country. Along with carrying a severe illness, I am opening an ONG here. I really want to keep in touch with you. Hope you are well. I walk through with many sorrows and live-based remedies. Excuse me for my mistakes in English, because it makes more than 10 years who did not study the language. I hope you enjoy my blog My email is Kisses with love!

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