Posted by: thedianestory | March 15, 2012

Endometriosis Awareness – Take Two: Mental Impact

This weeks topic for Endo Awareness Week is the Mental Impact that comes from chronic illness.
March 14, 2012

There are a million different ways I could go with this. But for now I am going to post this:

What I would say to this Girl:


You are beautiful not broken.
Kind hearted and pure in spirit.

You are valuable not worthless.
Treasured by God and many more.

You deserve LOVE and not abuse;
For YOU are a new creation – a daughter of the Most High King!

Sometimes God’s plans are not your plans. This doesn’t mean dreams are unattainable. It just might mean it’s time to dream new dreams.

You were created for a purpose.
God doesn’t make mistakes.

It is okay to break sometimes.
Your Heavenly Father is waiting with arms wide open to comfort you and see you through.

You’ve been through a lot. Only you know those feelings in the depth of your soul – and you need not to answer to anyone (apart from God) on what you need to do to keep plugging along.

Sometimes in those lonely hours of the night – you need to remember that Jesus is there to talk to. And His Spirit is there to answer.

It’s okay to believe in yourself. You are gifted in so many ways. You and your story ARE a testimony and encouragement to so many around you.

You Diane, have much to offer. Remember that vibrant, confident young woman – filled with so much passion for life? She is still there – FIND HER. Don’t believe the lies.

So find your passion. Dream new dreams and please, please don’t let this life beat you. You were meant for so much more.



  1. During those times when you can steal away a moment or two out of pain, ask questions of those you care about, work on completing your bucket list, and share things with others to complete your journey here on earth. Do this as you consider only God knows if we will wake up the next morning. Yes, live one day at a time (Matthew Chapter 6:34), and also keep the mindset that God is watching you day and night.

    Finally, during all these times, continually keep your eyes on Jesus, your mind focused on what our heavenly Father would want you to focus on, and know in your heart that the God has supplied a ministering Spirit for us. For after all, we are never alone and although some may not know what is going on in your mind, our heavenly Father surely does.

    Love – your earthly father.

  2. I agree with this advice whole-heartedly and hope I might be able to help you through this time that feels lonely. I say feels, because I know there are so many of us that love you the way you are, who continue to pray a better life for you and who will be there for you. Just try to stay focused on those who will lift you up, the first being God. He will be the One to ultimately restore you to the person you wish to be again. Trust Him and know you are loved.

    • Thanks Carrie. I love you do much and am grateful beyond words for our friendship. You are an amazing friend. 20+ years and counting. Friends 4 life!

  3. Very well written so keep your sweets mile and sense of humor and keep looking forward.

    We all know God is there but sometimes just need a real person to hug and care.

    Love ya lots. You are my baby.

    • Thx mom. You rhymed! Love ya.

  4. Wonderfully, put! Hope all those girls who are where that girl was can find comfort in your experience. I am pulling for you always!

  5. Couldn’t have said it better! Love the self pep talk! And ever word is true! You are AMAZING!

    • Thx bestie. I love you. 🙂 I’m trying to keep my spirits up and remind myself how strong I really am.

  6. Amen!

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