Posted by: thedianestory | March 2, 2012

Yellow Shirt Day!

March 1, 2011

Today Kicks off Endometriosis Awareness Month. For the Kick-Off, today is Yellow Shirt Day! Yellow is the color to show Awareness for Endo. I am hoping you will be seeing lots of Yellow going around Social Media this month. Here I am sporting my Yellow Shirt.

Endo Awareness!

My friend Melinda supported me and wore yellow today as well! I stopped by her work for a picture…

Friends 4 Life!

And when I arrived at her work she surprised me with her coworker wearing yellow too! (Sorry I can’t remember your name, coworker. lol)

Endo Groupies!

Did you wear yellow today? If you wore Yellow and are blogging about it, comment below! I’d love to personally say thank you and come by your blog! If you wore yellow today to show your support and don’t blog…comment as well so I can say thanks to you also!



  1. So glad you are a part of this! It’s so nice to have all of us to get together and spread awareness!

  2. I love that you and your friends wore yellow! I love that we’re working together on this!

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