Posted by: thedianestory | February 24, 2012

Tests Tomorrow

Hi friends. Just a quick post to say that I’m going in for tests in the morning at the hospital up the hill from here. They are doing an endoscopy to take a look at my stomach as well as placing a BRAVO capsule on my esophagus that will record PH readings in my body for 48 hours. I will have to keep a transmitter for the capsule within 3 feet of me for those 48 hours and then return to the hospital to have the data analyzed.

If you could pray for God’s provision through all this and peace for me, that would be great. It has been a long two and a half years trying to get to the bottom of all these stomach issues and I am growing weary. Very tired of being poked and prodded and about ready to break.

I will write an update when I feel up to it. Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and encouragement. I am grateful.



  1. Man, I really hope the Dr.s can figure out what is going on soon! none of this sounds fun, praying things will get better soon!

    • Thanks Jenny. It has been a long road but God is in control. 🙂

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