Posted by: thedianestory | December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap


I spent Christmas in Michigan at my brother’s home with he and his wife. My mom also flew out and joined us. My dad and his wife, Jeanne, drove out a few days before Christmas to join us for the weekend as well. This Christmas was very special for my brother and I because for the first time in fifteen years we had both of our parents under the same roof. It was also the first Christmas I have spent with my dad since I was Fifteen.


We went to Christmas Eve service and then came home and had Elika’s traditional dinner of Swedish Meatballs.


Later in the evening we opened a few gifts and played some games. Jeanne and dad had a “family package” for all of us to open. Inside was one-piece Jammies for us all to wear. They were matching black jumpers with penguins on them! We all thought it was hilarious and Jeanne loved that we all are fun enough to wear them!



Christmas day we stayed home and did stockings. We all chose not to exchange gifts this year. We figured we would rather just enjoy family time and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. We read the Christmas Story and also finished reading On That Night – the book I gave away on this blog a few weeks ago. It was very special to me to get to read the book with my dad once again.

We’ve had a very nice holiday together. Thank you Danny and Elika for hosting the Fisher Festivities 2011. I love you!





Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Tell me about in the comments!



  1. The jammies that Jeanne found are a crack up! So glad you got to enjoy the holidays with your whole family! Hope the rest of your time with them is just as enjoyable!

  2. Yes it was very fun. We had a good time together. We didn’t have snow on Christmas day but two days after we did. It is still white outside. We have lots of pics.

    Thanks Diane for keeping this up to date.

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