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On That Night – A Give-Away


December 4, 2011

Hi friends it’s time for my second annual Christmas Book giveaway. Last year I started giving away my favorite Christmas story entitled

    On That Night.

by Elizabeth Yates.

I first read this story with my Dad, when I was a child. He had received this book in some boxes of books that a friend had given him. The story, and the memory it holds of time with my dad, makes for a very special place in my heart. One year for Christmas, my dad even recorded himself reading the story on tape and gave it to me and other family members for Christmas.

In recent years it has become a tradition of mine and my mom’s to read the story together each evening in the days leading up to Christmas. The book is short and easy to read, so even if we don’t start it until the week before Christmas we have plenty of time to get it read by Christmas. I think the whole book is only around 96 pages or so.

The story recounts five separate people on their journey to and from the Christmas Eve service at their church. The book has two parts; the first part is their journey to the service and the second part is their journey home from the service. Each person’s journey relates a story of lost things being found again – all because of the precious baby born on Christmas Day – Our Savior.

Last year the winner was a good friend of mine and she and her son got to enjoy reading the book together. Who will a copy go to this year?

This book is no longer in publication so you can’t just run to the bookstore and pick it up. You have to find it on the web under used/out of publication books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. But I just happen to have some extra copies so one of you lucky readers will have this book to start your own Christmas memories with this year.

The give-away starts today and ends Wednesday December 7, 2011. Here is how you can have a chance to win: leave me a comment on here telling me why you would like to have this book, and also one thing about your favorite part of the Christmas season. Comments left here on my blog only, will be entered in the drawing. Facebook comments will not count.

Many people have thought that in order to leave me a comment on here they had to have a “wordpress” account. But that isn’t so – what you need to do is put your Name in the “name” box, and an email address in the “email” box. Then type your comment in the “comment” box and hit post. You will not see your comment show up right away if you haven’t left a comment before because I have to “approve” it before posting. I receive an email whenever a new comment is left for me on my blog.

So, it’s that simple – I can’t wait to hear from you! I will choose the winner on Thursday December 8, 2011 using I will then get the winner their book, either by mail if they are not local, or delivery if they are local! I hope this makes for some fun communication and interest!

Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!

May each of you have a blessed week.




  1. I’d like to have this book so that I can start making my own Christmas traditions! My favorite part of the Christmas season is the presents 😉
    Just kidding!!!
    I love how my Lord Jesus was born on this night just so He could become my Savior!

  2. Hi, Diane!
    Now that I see which book it is, I realize it is the one I got after you mentioned it last Christmas!
    So, I would like to win it for Sara Stolpp’s (I know I misspelled it) kids, and have you send it to her, if I am drawn, okay?
    My favorite part of Christmas has always been the bringing in and decorating of the tree. All through childhood, this meant a real tree, and the moment we brought it in, I knew it was Christmas! It triggers the mood for me to this day.
    I love the smell of a real tree. It is the one time of year my siblings and I were together and having fun. We decorated the tree with homemade ornaments, family ornaments and homemade garland from popcorn and cranberries, of course eating more than we strung!
    We would drink hot cocoa and sing carols the whole time we worked.
    Christmas Eve, we would sip egg nog and sing, with the tree lights on. We would do all we could to stay awake all night long, telling stories and laughing in our blankets on the floor, all of us watching the colors and lights from the tree.
    Though we would do stockings in the morning to tide us over until mom would get up (we woke her with a few cups of tea before she would get up), and would eat breakfast before we could open gifts, my favorite part of Christmas (family fun together) was surrounding all things tree.
    Gene never could deal with the real tree (needle and space issues), so I went decades without one. I had tried garland or boughs for the fragrance, feel and color, fake trees of a nice green, and finally an advent ring with green and candles, finally giving up and going without. How could I regain the happy place when he was so miserable?
    I finally brought one in about 4 Christmases ago, a green, already decorated small tree from Walmart that I got for $10.00. I set it up on the book shelf and fluffed it, arranging the lit bulbs properly and turned it on. The house was dark except for the tree lights. I felt healed!
    A few hours later, he got up and came in the living room, went outside for a smoke without a word.
    He came in, rinsed his coffee cup and headed back to bed. As he entered the hall to the bedroom he said, “nice tree! I like that!”
    I put it up each year since, where ever there is a place for it, and he is fine!
    So, I still feel most alive in Christmas with the tree and colored lights.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Considering I am one of your oldest friend & have yet to even look at this book let along read it when it is something that means so much to you is why I would love a copy! You are my best friend & auntie to my children & I would love to include a tradition from your family into my holiday routine of which we are still establishing. And they is what I love probably the most about Christmas, is every year my kids are older & able to understand more about the true meaning of the holiday. Kids learn Santa right away, society pushes him in our faces & we celebrate his spirit on our home but the man to truely praise is Christ on Christmas. That is the man I want them to acknowledge each year. And each year they understand more & I get an opportunity to share more with them. And that is exciting! I also love the excuse to bake 🙂

    • Shouldn’t have wrote this on my iPhone at midnight, it’s full of typos!

      • Just read Shelley’s post, very sweet of you Shelley, thanks! Loved the story too!

  4. My favorite part of the Christmas season is watching the magic and wonder of the season unfold through the eyes of my children. As they grow, their observations expand. First, it was a quiet fascination with Christmas lights and ornaments dangling within their reach. Then it was the magic of Christmas morning when they awoke to toys that appeared by the fireplasce hearth overnight. This year, however, is very different. With a cross-country move planned for Christmas week, our house is bare of any decorations. No tree. No ornaments. Our nativity scene remains tucked away in it’s box. So this year, the magic of Christmas is coming to life not through decoration or a pile of presents, but through the stories we read together–the oldest two piled in my lap, dressed in their warm pajamas. Together, we read not just about St. Nick, but the real reason for the season–Christ’s birth. While the stories may be watered down for a very young audience, they have inspired conversations about the reasons why we celebrate this very special time of year.

  5. Diane, I would love to have a copy of this book to read to my two children. I would love to start a new tradition with my children and have them carry on this wonderful tradition with their children. I would love for them to fall in love with a book in the same way you have and have wonderful childhood memories that last them a lifetime. My most favorite part of this season is everything. I can’t choose just one thing. The family togetherness is probably my number one. I love the smells, sights, sounds, love, happiness and giving of the entire season. I hope my children grow to have the same awe that I have that surrounds this season.

  6. Hi Diane: I would love to share this book with all the kids in our church. Your generosity amazes me. Merry Christmas my friend and here is to a year of feeling better. Right now we are reading Little pilgrim’s progress one chapter a week to them. This would make a great children’s time for them next year at Christmas. Virgil

  7. I would love to win this book. This Christmas especially we could use a gift of holiday cheer. With my health and our financial situation it would be a great blessing. My favorite part of the Christmas season is being with family and friends just enjoying all the ambiance around us. The wonderful good cheer and ways people seem to just give more. (although they should open their hearts year round)
    Jenny Sanchez

  8. Hmm I never know what to say. 🙂 Merry Christmas

  9. My son Dyllan and I where the lucky people to receive the book last Christmas. We now read it every Christmas before Dyllan goes to sleep. it is an amazing book, and we love it! I have always loved Christmas, but my favorite Christmas thus far was Dyllan’s first Christmas! He would sit in his Bumbo under the tree and play! I have to say this Christmas season is becoming my new favorite. Dyllan is 3 1/2 and is stating to realize what Christmas is and we are having a ton of fun! Being that i love Sara S. and her family very much, i think they deserve the book this year< and i know there family will treasure it and read it as a family!!

  10. Is it too late?

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