Posted by: thedianestory | September 14, 2011

My Eyes

September 13, 2011

Hi friends. I’m posting from my phone, so I apologize for no fun pictures. Everytime I try to put a picture on this blog with my phone, the post won’t publish for some reason. So for today you get words.

Many of you know that I’ve had a cyst in my left eye for almost three years now. Recently I have had blurry vision and lots of pain in that eye. I went to the doctor on Monday to have it checked out and ended up having minor surgery on both eyes.

The cyst has not changed in size and he actually isn’t sure that is contributing to the pain. He thinks my eyes are not hydrating/lubricating properly and that the tear ducts on not able to secrete enough fluid. I learned a ton from him about how the eye works and there are actually three different components to keeping the eye moist: water, oil, and (I forget the third). I will have to look at my paperwork when I get back home. Anyway, he ended up putting plugs in my tear duct in each eye. My eyes are still a little sore, but overall feeling better. I think my eye is doing better than before but I’ve still had some pain, so we will see. If these plugs don’t work, he will put bigger ones in next month. He also put me on steroid drops twice a day. These are to hopefully balance out the proper production of fluid in my eyes; trying to get these eyes to work properly! I go back on October 10th to get rechecked.

On another note, I’m down in the bay area again to see my GYN Surgeon to discuss residual pain and to figure out yet again who to send me to see to hopefully get to the bottom of my stomach problems. They have been quite an issue for me recently again.

Thanks for bearing with me on this blogging venture. Hopefully I will have some more thrilling posts for you in the next few days – with pictures. 🙂 And for those who care, I will probably get an update up tomorrow or Thursday with news from my appointment in the bay.
Til then, this is Diane, signing off!



  1. Hope the plugs do the trick. My mom has chronic dry eye & uses drops. I hope thebprocedure you had wasn’t too uncomfortable! Looking forward to an update about you visit with Dr. Cook! Hope he has some insight! Love you!

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