Posted by: thedianestory | September 9, 2011

Illumination Festival

Having Fun! Crazy Faces...

The first weekend of June there was a Christian music festival about 45 minutes north from where I live. There were a few bands playing that I really enjoy listening to. My mom is actually the one who heard about this weekend festival and checked into tickets. We decided just to get one day tickets for that Saturday. We arrived mid to late morning and got our wristbands for the day.

We were actually a bit disappointed once inside the gates as there were not nearly as many activities as we envisioned and the turn-out for the event was awful. Once we got to look at the schedule we quickly realized that the bands we cared anything about were not playing til that night. We hung out for a bit and listened to a couple of smaller bands perform and then decided to leave and come back that evening. We have a family house closer to the concert location so we just went and chilled there for the afternoon. When we got back that evening, everything fell into place and it made the event worthwhile for the money we spent.

One band I really love, Addison Road, was scheduled to perform that night. Turns out everyone but the lead singer got stuck in San Fransisco due to fog and was delayed getting there. Finally a couple musicians from other bands played back-up for the lead singer so she could at least perform a few songs acoustically. The Addison Road band ended up getting to the event in time for them to perform one song live. The band felt terrible about what happened and plan on coming to the area this Fall to perform a free concert. So generous of them. I enjoyed what little they did get to perform though and they even performed my favorite song “Hope Now.”

Addison Road

As the evening approached and it got dark, mom and I rocked the glow sticks…

See them?

That night, Phil Joel spoke and shared his heart. He also performed his music. I had never seen him live and also really didn’t know his story. What I came to find out is that he has such a heart for Jesus. I left encouraged and incredibly lifted up. I encourage you to find his music and listen to it. He has such a heart for ministry and a heart for children.

Phil Joel

All in all, the Illumination Festival was worth the money we spent and I had a fun evening and left feeling recharged again with God’s Holy Spirit. Thank you to everyone who had something to do with getting this festival put together. And thank you to precious Mama for going with me!




  1. Catching up with you 🙂
    You look super friend! Sorry I missed you the other day. I don’t even remember what was going on, but try try again.

    Love you,

    • love you too! Thanks for catching up with me on here. I’m really trying to get back to blogging. You impress me that you keep up with your blogging, despite having 7 munchkins to mother. 🙂 I love keeping up with you and the family through your words and pictures.

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