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Disneyland – Part Two

September 2, 2011


Over in California Adventure, mom and I had lots of adventures! We took lots of pictures, road all the fun rides and took goofy pictures! It was SO much fun to just be a kid. I got a second birthday present at CA Adventure too – via a ride. The new “Little Mermaid” ride was slated to open June 3, 2011, just like Star Tours. Low and behold as I walked by the building where the ride was going in, I was greeted by yet another Disney Crew Member asking me if I’d like to take a sneak peek ride on Ariel’s Adventure. Ummm………….YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney film as a little girl, so I was super excited when I heard they were putting in an Ariel ride…then super bummed when I realized I was going to miss the opening of it by three days….then SUPER excited when I got a sneak peak at the ride. The only bummer is that my camera had no battery left, so I only have a picture of the outside of the ride, that I took another day.
Entrance to Ariel’s Deep Sea Adventure
For those of you who are familiar with the rides at California Adventure and Disneyland, I can tell you that the ride reminds me of the Winnie the Pooh ride in Disneyland and the Monster’s Inc. ride in CA Adventure. The colors are bright and the props in the ride are amazing…but isn’t everything about Disney amazing?
We had a ton of fun just goofing around taking pics….

Mom in the Monster's Car!


Because I'm "always" on the phone. lol


This is how I ride. 🙂

We also got to see the new “World of Color” water show at California Adventure. It opened Spring of 2010, but we hadn’t been there since it began.

Scene from Little Mermaid


After "World of Color" ended

We road Mickey’s Ferris Wheel (can’t remember the real name) this time, after not riding it our last couple of visits because it honestly scares me. The individual carriages slide around, unless you go on the one that doesn’t move (it has a separate line) and so that is what we did this time. I was still a bit uneasy. I’m not really a fan of heights and enclosed space, so the two combined are not my favorite! However, I did enjoy the view you get from the top and we got some fun pictures!

aahhhh!!!!!!!!!! lol


My Beautiful Momma!

We enjoyed riding Splash Mountain and while climbing the stairs to the ride I snapped a picture of a sign, just for my youth pastor who always called me “trouble.” That is still my nickname from him to this day!


We had a grand adventure and can’t wait to go again. Disney Memories are the best!

Hollywood Pictures Backlot (CA Adventure)



  1. wish I was there with your two girls 🙂

    • That would be a ton of fun, Joanne!

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