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Back to My Birthday – Disneyland!

September 1, 2011

Looking back to Memorial Day weekend….

Us and Mickey Mouse!

Mom and I drove down to Disneyland on my birthday, May 26th. We were planning on driving down part way Thursday and finishing the drive on Friday. However, we were so excited to get there and felt good enough, that we just kept driving and arrived in Anaheim about 2am on May 27th. We were able to get checked in to the same hotel we had our reservations at for the rest of the days, so we didn’t have to change hotels or anything. It was awesome. We got to sleep about 4am and woke up around 10am and headed across the street to start our Disney Adventure.

This is by the entrance

The sign changes from “Disneyland, Let the Memories Begin” to pictures of people taken in the parks.

Pictures of people in the park

The Star Tours ride had been closed in Disneyland for sometime, undergoing renovations and was slated to open June 3, 2011. May 27th was our first day in the park and we were bummed we were going to miss the reopening of the ride. Our plan upon entering Disneyland was to head over to Tomorrowland and get a Fast Pass ticket for Space Mountain. As we rounded the bend in Tomorrowland we were greeted by Disneyland Crew Members asking us if we’d like a sneak peak of Star Tours. They were opening it for two hours just to test the ride. You didn’t have to ask me twice! What a nice birthday present!
Star Tours Logo (inside of the ride on a tv screen)
 Our adventure continued over the course of four days. Look for more of our adventure on my blog tomorrow!


  1. What a fun time we had. I would love to go again but thwere are other plans comming up with a family visit in december. Yeah!

    Love Mom!

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