Posted by: thedianestory | May 22, 2011

GI Appointment

May 22, 2011

Thought I would post a quick update and let you know that I called the Gastroenterologist that Dr. Cook referred me to on Friday and to my shock and amazement, they said they could see me on Tuesday, May 24th. I kind of stumbled on the phone, taken aback that they were getting me in less than a week after I called – like two business days later. I went ahead and made the appointment, but wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep it because I need someone to take me, and it is four hours away. This also means that it turns into a two day trip because we can’t really do the trip both ways in one day. My mom has to work and can’t take time off as she has missed so much work due to her own health, and my recent surgery, plus it is the last week of school so she needs to be there to wrap the year up.

Anyway, I just prayed about it overnight and figured if I was meant to go to this doctor so soon, it would work out. So, early this morning I talked to my friend and she has agreed to take me. She loves the city anyway and since we can have a bit of “play time” too, we can have some girl time and it is a win-win for everybody.

Please pray that this doctor listens to me and that we can start to take a step in the right direction and figure out why my stomach has caused me so much pain and sickness for almost two years. I found out that this doctor is affiliated with Stanford, and the last GI doctor I saw was from Stanford and basically just told me “it was all in my head” and did nothing to help me. Obviously my recent surgery has proved it is not in fact “in my head” and that my body truly is sick. We got some things fixed in surgery, but my doctor couldn’t find the root cause of my upper GI issues, so we are hoping that this doctor can.

I will update you later in the week. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers!



  1. How did the appointment go?

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