Posted by: thedianestory | May 10, 2011

Update – May 9, 2011

Hi friends. Sorry I haven’t gotten my recovery post written. Sitting on the computer hasn’t been the easiest thing for me to do, so I am not writing much these days.

My recovery has been rocky. I’ve had some significant pain issues that have been of some concern to my doctor. We’ve had to run lab work to check for infection, which turned out to look okay so far. We just are not sure why my pain spiked there for a week or so. At the moment I feel like I am improving a little each day and am hoping this pattern continues. I am still on my pain medication, but most days I am able to go longer in between doses than I was the first 10 days or so.

At this point sitting for long periods of time puts pressure on the pelvic region where surgery was and then I start hurt so I have to lay down. I get tired easily and even after being up and about for just a few hours I am ready to rest again. It is amazing how much surgery takes out of you and how much sleep you require. I get frustrated being so tired all the time but have to remember that I am still on the front side of recovery and things should get better in time. My doctor has told me not stress, as it really is at least a 12 week recovery with everything he did and in the big picture, I am not really THAT far out from surgery yet.

I am having to really watch how much I do and lift because I am a go-getter and once I start in on a project, I just want to go. It is driving me nuts that I can’t really clean my house the way I normally would. I can only pick up a few things at a time and many things I’m even allowed to lift yet – so my mom is constantly on me “NOT to lift that!” 🙂

Well, it is late and I am really tired. I had laid down to sleep but my tummy started hurting and kept me up so I got for a bit and figured I would blog. I am going to go try for some more sleep now. Thanks for caring friends and I will try to post again soon.



  1. My biggest frustration was not being able to lift the vacuum cleaner over a cord. I could push it around but couldn’t lift it a few inches if necessary. So frustrating!

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