Posted by: thedianestory | May 1, 2011

Where do we go from here?

May 1, 2011

This is a continuation from the Surgery Update.

What do these findings mean?

I guess the answer to that question is still kind of a gray area for myself even. When Dr. Cook met with my mom and I in my hospital room after surgery he was reserved about his optimism for my pain relief after surgery. He is not convinced that what he found, though they were quite the findings, truly explains the extent of my pain. He thinks the ligament that had attached itself to the vagina may have been causing some of my severe pain, but is concerned that the findings don’t explain it all.

He is also concerned about my ongoing stomach trouble. He did take a look further up above my liver and where my gallbladder had been to see if there was any endometriosis or adhesions present there, and truly hoped there would be so that my upper quadrant pain I am having could be explained, but there was nothing that he could find. Therefore he is concerned about my well-being with those ongoing issues.

Is there a chance that everything he found and removed could have been exacerbating the tummy pain?

Sure. Maybe, yes.

We. Don’t. Know.

Time will tell, but the first days post-surgery don’t look good for that theory. Yes, my tummy troubles have continued and my upper quadrant pain has still been there. The good news is that my labs in the two months prior to surgery showed my C. Reactive Protein levels have come down to a normal range. They were elevated since all the tummy issues started in October of 2009. We can hope and pray that the longer these levels stay down, the calmer my tummy gets. We don’t know that the two are directly related, but all indications have pointed that direction.

Where do we go from here?

We watch my recovery. Stay on top of labs. I report my pain levels and how I am doing to my doctor. I have phone appt. follow-ups for the next 11 weeks. These appointments are by phone and not in person because I live four hours from this doctor. The plan is that once I am healed from the surgery we continue forward to deal with my stomach troubles. Dr. Cook not only deals with female issues, but is also an endocrinologist and continues to treat the other areas that have started to break down in women who have been dealing with “female pain/disease issues.” He most likely is going to send me to a gastroenterologist that he works closely with down there. He has sent some other patients with GI issues to him and they have ended up getting to the bottom of the problem. So, time will tell.

How is my recovery going?

Alas, that is the topic for the next blog. This will have to wait for now, as I am tired and need to rest. I will do my best to get that blog up by day’s end on Monday, the 2nd of May.

For now friends, thanks for everything and for caring enough to read these posts. Hopefully soon, some fun posts will be back on the blog!



  1. Oh man! This is encouraging in some ways…at least some mysteries were solved & discoveries made. I am so sorry that it didn’t resolve all your pain. I still have faith that it all will go away someday!

  2. I am glad you got some answers but wish you had more. I hope you continue to heal and will pray for miraculous healing.

  3. You have been in my thoughts ever since the day of your surgery. I have hoped and prayed that Dr. Cook would find something and alleviate it from the picture. It looks like he did in many respects. I’m relieved for that. Somehow the GI issues will get resolved over time. In the meantime, I wish you a good healing process. You deserve it!

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