Posted by: thedianestory | May 1, 2011

Surgery Details

May 1, 2011

Hello friends. My apologies for not getting the surgery details posted sooner. I had started blogging from my phone and then lost everything I had written. And then I just haven’t felt like sitting down and getting it all put together again. My recovery has been a little rocky, as I will explain in a bit. So things have just taken some time. Anyway, Here we go:

Waiting for surgery

My surgery was April 21, down in Menlo Park. This new doctor of mine that I’ve been seeing out of Los Gatos, Dr. Cook, was my surgeon. After meeting with my doctor and anesthesiologist before surgery that morning, I was walked (yes, walked) down to surgery about 10am, where I was in surgery for just about two hours. Surgery was more involved than originally planned, but all went well.

The findings:

  • My appendix was removed and found to be slightly abnormal
  • Endometriosis was found on several areas of the bowel. It was white and fibrous in nature and had been growing for some time.
  • Endometriosis was found in the cul-de-sac areas of the pelvic cavity
  • Bladder was adhered to my bowel. Adhesions were cut away and the bladder was freed from the bowel. Endometriosis on the bladder.

The next finding will take some explaining.

  • Ligament adhered horizontally across vagina

The uterus is attached from the top with two ligaments. During my hysterectomy in 2006, one of the ligaments apparently was left behind. Somehow this ligament remained inside and apparently ahdered itself across the vagina. It was deeply embedded with adhesions on the vagina. This explained the abnormality my doctor felt during my pre-op exam that he had been concerned about. He had felt some abnormality the day before surgery, but because it caused me so much pain when he examined me, he decided not to put me through more agony that day and decided just to finish investigating it once I was sedated.

When I awoke from surgery and he met with me to explain his findings he began with “Diane, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.” That is quite the statement coming from a doctor who has devoted his life to women’s health and has seen many crazy findings in his years of treatment. He was just shocked to find this ligament left behind and attached the way it was.

So – what does all this mean and where do we go from here?

These are topics for the next blog post. I don’t want one post to get too long. So for now, you have the findings from surgery. Next post – what the findings mean and where we go from here, and how my recovery is going.

Thanks friends for the prayers, love and support. Please keep them coming. They mean so much.



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  2. Take care!! I´ll be anxious to get your next post! Love ya!

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