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Long-awaited Appointment Update!

February 28, 2011
Hello friends. Here is the long-awaited update about my doctors appt last Friday, February 25th. I went to see a new specialist down in Los Gatos for my endometriosis. Sorry it has taken me awhile to blog the update. I spent the weekend with my family out of town and just needed to take some time to absorb everything I found out and prepare myself for what I am facing. Thank you to everyone who called, wrote and texted asking how things went. Please leave me a comment and let me know you were able to read the update!
I really liked Dr. Cook and he does have a plan to help me. Turns out I have lot more going on than just the possibility of endometriosis still being present. That being said, we are addressing some of these other problems first, with less invasive procedures than surgery and if I am not getting by with these other treatments by the end of April, then he is taking me into surgery to look for endo and adhesions and look for any other issues.
So, here is the run down:
I am having significant pelvic floor spasms, and my pelvic muscles are so tight that the slightest movement or touch causes serious pain sensations. So he wants me to go to Pelvic Floor physical therapy. There is actually a lady here in Chico who specializes in this and I had seen her for this prior to my getting so sick with my stomach issues, and when that flared up I stopped going. Dr. Cook wanted me to get a second opinion with a lady in his office or at a Pelvic Health place in S.F., but after talking with Denise – the PT in his office, she said that they have another patient from Chico who sees the lady that I have seen and that she is just as good, and it would be fine for me to start back up with her. So, tomorrow I am going to get that set up with her.
On top of that I have Vulvar Vestibulitis. He didn’t really start any treatment for this, other than putting it on my PT sheet, but mentioned starting me on progesterone at a later time. There is so much wrong that we are doing a few things at a time. Lucky me. 🙂
Thursday morning, the day I left to head to my appointment I ended up in the ER with horrible left-sided pain. The ER couldn’t figure out what was wrong and wanted to admit me and call my GI doctor. I told them just to discharge me and I would let Dr. Cook know and he could decide what to do with me. So, during my physical exam Dr. Cook poked and prodded my left side quite a bit and discovered that my psoas muscle is having severe spasms (kind of like a charlie horse in the leg he says) and that is causing some of my pain. So he wants to do a Ilioinguinal nerve block and that is scheduled for March 7th. It is an in-office procedure (which I am kind of scared about).
He also thinks I have what is called Redundant Colon. This is caused by extra loops of the colon and causes issues with stool passing and constipation and such, causing pain. From my symptoms and all the GI procedures I have had that he looked over he is about 95% sure that this is part of my problems. We are going to try to work with it through diet and medications, but if I do not get better we will have to schedule surgery to have the extra bowel resected and then reattach the two parts of the colon back together.
I have had hypoglycemia issues in the past, especially when trying to cut wheat/dairy/gluten out of my diet. Dr. Cook wants me to immediately cut dairy out of my diet and once we get lab work results for insulin issues we will most likely cut gluten/wheat out of my diet as well. Last time a doctor cut all these things from my diet my blood sugar dropped dangerously low and I ended up in the hospital. So, he is having me go for a three hour Glucose & Insulin Tolerance test. He thinks I am having Insulin issues based on several issues I have had in the last three years. For the last year and a half, my C Reactive Protein levels in my blood have been elevated but none of the doctors have been able to figure out why. CRP levels measure inflammation in the blood. Dr. Cook says that insulin problems cause inflammation and that when someone is having insulin issues, their CRP levels are often elevated. So based on the results we will go from there.
My Vitamin D levels are also low. Generally your levels should not be below 50, and some studies say 70. My levels are at 29. So he put me on 5,000 units a day for the next two months and then we will test them again.
He is also retesting my CRP levels right now, as well as vitamin B12 and ESR. 
Like I said, if all of these things do not get better and in treating them, my pain does not get alleviated, then we will be doing surgery the end of April to look for endometriosis and any other possible causes of my pain. He just wants to focus on other issues at hand and try less invasive procedures first before taking me back into surgery. I appreciate Dr. Cook and think we will be able to work well together and hopefully get me on a road to health. Honestly the physical exam about killed me and I am still having pain from everything he did. So I am trying to rest and take it easy.
Thank you friends for all your love, care, concern and support. It means the world to me.


  1. Wow! I’m praying for you but it is nice to think that maybe you have some answers. Maybe some of this can be treated and you can get back to having an active life. I will keep praying. You express yourself well and should consider doing some writing to be published.

  2. Hey Sis, I Know it’s hard…Finally some actual help and answers! Stay on the track and don’t stray from doctors orders (Thats Sisters orders young lady!) You’re doing amazing! (minus all the other crap) and I have never have met anyone as patient and perserverent as you! I Love you very much! Keep me (us) posted! we miss you! All my love, Grace

    • Thank you sis. You rock. Call me soon. Love, Di

  3. i am DEFINITELY praying for you!!!

    • Thank you Kimie. I appreciate your prayers.

  4. Hi Diane, I am praying for you. Glad to hear to finally got a Doctor who can help you. Thank God! I know what it is like to know something is wrong and have the doctors tell you they don’t know.

  5. Love you Diane!

    I hope that Dr. Cook is the Lord’s bit of grace for you at this time.


    • Thanks Lene. I know the Lord led me to him and am hoping this brings light to my years of health issues. Loving you!

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