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First Blog of the New Year – Matthew West in Concert!

We got to meet Matthew West!

Matthew West performed in concert tonight, January 7, 2011 in Oroville, CA. Both my mom and I love his music and had heard a few weeks ago that he would be in the area. We had said we would get tickets and go, but because we both have been so sick, time came and went and we never got tickets. Fast forward to this afternoon while mom was listening to KLOVE while running errands and she heard the advertisement for the concert and realized it was this evening! Oh no! Mom quickly called me to see if I would feel up to going (I had previously skipped running errands with her because I was feeling so lousy) and of course I said I would push through and go, because I love Matthew West and felt like this would be an encouraging evening for me. I knew God would bless our time at the concert.

Well mom called the number she thought she heard the radio say and it wasn’t correct. She then logged onto and it said the concert was sold out. Mom phoned me again and told me the bad news. I told her to call KLOVE and see if they had a number she could call. The put her in touch with the church where the concert was and they said that they just happened to have 3 VIP tickets left. The “normal” tickets were sold out. These VIP tickets were $15.00 dollars more but you got in an hour early to meet Matthew West – music to our ears! Mom reserved the tickets and called me with the good news.

So a few hours later we hopped in our car and headed out of town for the concert. We were the first group into the church, got to pick our seats, where we were able to snag front row seats and then we got to get in line to meet Matthew West. I had purchased his latest CD when we arrived at the church so we could have him sign it. Mom and I were among the first ten people or so to meet Matthew and he took the above picture with us, signed our CD and was so kind and humble in his words to us. Made me respect him even more.

I am not the type to get “star struck” and am not one who necessarily cares about autographs for the normal notion of what the typical reason behind autographs are. I realize that all people are human beings that God placed on this earth and no one of us is greater than the next. Rather getting his autograph to me is just a memory and a blessing to get to meet this man who’s music has carried me through some very rough times in life. His music speaks to me and is full of lyrics that so many can relate to, no matter what their life stories may be.

Toward the end of the concert Matthew even acknowledged some people in the audience who he wanted to know that he was aware of them in the crowd – remarkably one of the people he acknowledged was me – he said he could hear me singing every word to his songs including the newest ones and that it really touched him and spoke to his heart. I say this not to dote on me, but to acknowledge this artist who is so humble. I think it is remarkable for him to even take time to point out things/people he was noticing in the crowd and to let them know that they matter to him as well.

Matthew’s latest CD was written about his listeners life stories. He spent two months in a cabin in Tennessee that he rented and tucked himself away to write music. He asked his fans to send them their life stories. God had spoke to Matthew and said that his first two CD’s were written about his life story – but what about those life stories of everyone else out there? He was expecting maybe 500 or so to be submitted. He received 10,000. And everyday we would get up and start reading those letters. Out of those letters, his latest CD The Story of Your Life was born.

The last part of tonight’s concert he spent reading the letters that each song was written from and then performed the song. One song on the CD was written after reading a letter from a mother who’s daughter had been in a car accident after sliding on black ice and had been in the hospital for several months and had several surgeries, and even after three years was still not completely healed. The mother wrote how she stayed by her daughter’s side all the time except for sneaking out once in awhile when her daughter went to sleep, only to go home to shower and get a few hours of sleep herself. She wrote how sometimes it seemed like there was an incredible mountain to climb and she just couldn’t see past it. She would tell her daughter how God wouldn’t give her more than He thought she had the strength to handle. To which her daughter replied “Well God must think I’m pretty freaking strong then!”

Oh how that story resinated in my heart and in my mom’s heart. We just looked at each other and smiled. Oh the road we have traveled and are traveling. We are going on years of not having answers for my health problems and 21 surgeries in the last ten years. And my mom always tells me the same thing – God won’t give us more than we can handle. And sometimes I wonder how he thinks I can handle so much. But you know what? I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. (Phillippians 4:13). And so – I can handle what God puts on my plate – because my God is walking in front of me. And when I am feeling defeated and down and depleated, God refreshes my soul.

Like tonight. When God orchestrated the plan for me and mom to go see Matthew West, and get to meet this artist who encouraged my soul. And you know what – God has annointed this man to lead worship. God was in the room tonight working through Matthew West.

Thank you Mattew West for honoring God with your service. And thank you God for being our ever faithful Father who is worthy to be praised.



  1. Sounds like you found an outlet to plug into for some spiritual renewal! Glad you guys got to go!

  2. Thanks for sharing this story, Diane. How cool that you got to meet him and that he mentioned you and noticed you. I just see that as how God sees you and notices you. You don’t blend in, you haven’t been forgotten, and he takes such joy in you. I’m so glad you and your mom were blessed. I pray that God continues you sustain you with His incredible blessing!

  3. I told my daughter last night what you were doing and she said “Oh My! We need to pray that she will feel good enough to stay for the whole concert.” Then her eyes lit up and she said “Oh daddy, I wish I were there. It would be as much fun to watch her face as it would to listen to Matthew West.” Then we prayed for you. Then she said, “Now daddy, you need to remind me tomorrow morning at breakfast to pray for her. I don’t want this to be too much for her so that she doesn’t want to do it again.” She does have a burden for you. I love the description of your evening and the joy that comes through in your writing. May God continue to bless you and may He continue to use your writing in this blog to bless all of us who read it. Your friend Virgil.

  4. That was a very good write up about our night. I am so glad that I called you and got the info for klovw. It was so fun and he was very good and it was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to upcoming concerts with you.

    I hope that this year is a better year and that we find out what is wrong with your system.

    I know that God will take care of uf and watch over us as he has this last year.

    Love Mom

  5. My husband is in the Ray Allen Band (the band that opened for Matthew West). Even though we are both fans of Matthew West and feel moved by the stories that inspired his latest CD, we were both blown away at how sincere he was in regards to caring about others. I’m glad I was part of such a blessing!

    • Thank you for commenting Michelle! I didn’t even get around to posting of the Ray Allen Band – but they were amazing too. I think I will write a separate blog now too. Their music touched me as well. I am actually friends with Kevin Looker from the Good Shepherds Studios who worked on their CD with them and Kevin is getting me a copy of the CD. The Ray Allen Band was wonderful!

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