Posted by: thedianestory | December 17, 2010

Cookies and Friends

Yesterday evening I stopped by Melinda’s work to give her the copy of On That Night – the book she won in my first ever Blog Give-away. While visiting, our friend Ellen called about making cookies for a cookie exchange she was part of at her work (my former employer). She had the cookie dough to bake the cookies but didn’t have anything to decorate the cookies with…Enter Diane!

I was on my way to dinner with my mom when I stopped by Melinda’s work, but told Melinda and Ellen that I would head over with decorating supplies when I was done with dinner. So after dinner I went home, gathered supplies and headed over.

What I found was some cookie baking in need of serious help. Ellen was only using one cookie cutter (is that the only one she had) and this cookie dough was nasty – premade by Nestle. So we figure with some chocolate frosting and sprinkles they will be decent – chocolate makes everything better!

I hadn’t seen Ellen in almost two years and Melinda in almost one year, so we had a great time catching up. A little too great apparently since we managed to burn two batches of cookies because we got too busy talking and forgot to grab the cookies from the oven in time.

Amazingly I didn’t get any pictures – and I had put my camera in my purse specifically to get some pics. Oh well, the friendship and fellowship trumped the night.

It is few and far between moments when I get to hang out with friends and have “me” time. It really brightened my spirits and was just what I needed. Spur of the moment get togethers like that when I am up and moving are much easier for me to do because many times if I make plans I end up having to break them because I end up not feeling well. And then I feel bad for canceling and worry about it – hoping my friends will understand. Regardless, I am hard on myself and worry about it anyway.

Point being, it was great seeing you Ellen and Melinda and we will have to do dinner or something soon. 🙂 Hope you have a great Christmas if I do not see you before then. Thanks for your friendship.

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